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Raid Rx: A rock and a hard place {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2010 8:58AM "The tank was low, the raid was low and it looked like we were going to wipe. I ended up lighting a Guardian Spirit on myself and unloading a Divine Hymn in desperation. I took a lethal blow, but the ability kept me alive. Naturally, this makes me look like a baddie -- but it was either that or lose the raid."

No. No it does not. If you did that in one of my raids, I'd be dancing a jig!! Quick thinking, good awareness of the raid and the abilities you have. This in no way, no way at all...makes you look like a bad!

I don't know, maybe I was trained differently from some. My old raid leader (now I'm raid leader, argh) basically told us this: "Healers. If you feel the need to take damage to keep the raid from wiping, this is at your discretion and I trust your judgment. Move if you can, but if you need to get a critical heal off before moving, do that." Then he told the DPS "DPS. I don't care what you're doing, stop doing it and move out of the fire!! Do not finish your cast, do not get in just one more hit, move. Do not make extra work for the healers so you can get an extra hit in."

When I healed with him leading, I knew that I was trusted to do my job.

Reminds me of a situation we encountered on my first run as RL, though. We'd just lost a bunch of people, so we've got a ton of people in new roles. At this point our tanks haven't tanked ICC before, or, honestly...tanked raids much at all.

Anyway, at one point, I see our DK dps run out to range and deathgrip a Blood Beast. I wonder "WTF", as he chains it and begins kiting it. It turned out that he'd seen something I missed. Our MT, not accustomed to tanking ICC...had hit Maul without thinking about the glyph. Without a moment's delay, the DK realized what this meant and moved to correct it. He knew that the hit he'd take between the Deathgrip and the Chains, before he began kiting it...would be less harmful to our raid than having the Beast stubbornly stuck in the melee group hitting the tank until it died. He knew that his damage was less important than managing that beast. By kiting while it was on fixate, he didn't take any more unnecessary damage or grant unnecessary points, and by getting it off the tank he gave the ranged the ability to peel it off of him and kill it as the fixate ended.

I was thrilled with him, and told him so.

That kind of raid awareness and quick thinking? I can work with that!!

Raid Rx: No pally? No problem {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2010 7:58PM "If, on the other hand, you have a disc priest who is immersed in the wild, wonderful world of bubbles (you can usually pick them by their biting sarcasm) then the contribution may only take on the form of an occasional shield. That's not to say the disc priest can't do more, but to stop and spot heal regularly will ultimately keep a disc priest from their job as a shield spammer."

Not in a 10 man raid. 25, yes. But not 10. You better believe I'm helping out on tanks!

You won't hear any sarcasm about the role from THIS disc. 10-man Discipline raid healing is an absolute blast -- and extremely effective. You have to be flexible and quick (much like when playing Holy) and gear appropriately for such (only 443 haste for Borrowed Time GCD cap but a bit more emphasis on crit than a shield-spammer), but it's amazing. A good 10-man Disc raid healer will have the undying love of her raid.

Just don't be the Disc raid healer who thinks Disc raid heals 10-mans like HOLY Raid Healers. I've seen one who cast 38 shields over the course of a raid (Yes, I checked for ones where the glyph went to overheal and counted them with the assumption that not one of those shield glyph heals had both an effective and overheal component, so 38 shields MAX). Why even go Disc? Even better, why insist on NOT having a Holy spec and bumping a skilled Disc down to her off-spec? Ghah. And no, he's not inexperienced, he's been Disc longer than I've been healing (10 months).

[1. Local]: Tooting of horns {WoW}

May 17th 2010 11:39AM Yeah, I already decided about RealID. I will NOT be using it, even though I have brothers and friends from RL who play on other realms (and in one brother's case sometimes my own)...and live hours away. People I very much wish to be able to speak to while they're on their home realms.

However. My first name is distinctly feminine - think something similar to Cassandria...not something you see a lot of guys with. I'd honestly prefer first initial, last name...though other individuals understandably don't want their last name out there. They should just leave our real names out of it entirely.

The friend of my friend is not necessarily my friend. And I don't want anyone to be able to confirm that the owner of any of my toons is definitely female. Sure, they can guess now, they can assume (though funny enough they never assume my male toons are). But they can't know unless they hear me in vent.

Vent's bad enough, but honestly people behave a little better when there's real voices involved than when everything's just text....

And just how do they think people will react to players with middle-eastern names, anyway?? Someone in the blizzard thread referred to these as "politically awkward names", and had a good point. Anyone who plays on Vindication battlegroup knows how stupid people can be about things like this...anyone who's ever seen a group attempt over and over to kick someone from a Latin-American realm for being from a Latin-American matter how good their English communication skills, or how well they're contributing to the group. It's not quite at Yahoo games levels of racism, but wow.

People shouldn't be idiots about that kind of thing, but they will, they are. People should be allowed to keep names private. Unfortunately, it seems the only option to do so is to simply not use this feature, as it lacks options.

Breakfast Topic: Are boss mods cheating? {WoW}

Apr 6th 2010 3:24PM In no way do I consider it cheating.

However. I don't like that it's considered mandatory. Nor do I like that Blizz sometimes seems to assume we have it.

My computer is a laptop built in early 2006. It runs the game fine, on nice, low graphical settings; except for 25-man raids where it's not safe to turn off Projected Textures -- things like Ony25 work okay.

I need to keep addon usage minimal. As a raid healer, I have found Shadowed Unit Frames to be everything I want in terms of healing interface, and nothing more. For tanking heroics, I have Tidy Plates -- easier for me to wrap my head around at a glance than Omen, and with the ability to track multiple mobs.

But my computer hates boss-mod add-ons. I don't know exactly why, I don't think they're communicative with each other...but it just won't play nice with them.

I am very fortunate, however. My guild does not require me to run it. They'd really, really prefer if I did, but they don't require it.

On encounters where he knows there's info from Boss-mods that healers HAVE to see, our Raid Leader sets his DBM to announce, and gives warnings on Vent...for this, I heart him.

Honestly, though, I'd just prefer if bosses called important things more. Ignis calls his interrupt, there are warnings about Jaraxxus' special moves in the default interface.

Why should things like Mark of the Fallen Champion, to name one example, NOT work like that?

The Queue: Little things {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 10:40AM That's not No-Use, it's ON-Use.

Breakfast Topic: Fear is the mind-killer {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 11:38AM It can also help for something to be done like a DPS DK dropping a Death and Decay on the healer. Had a warrior tank I did that for once, and it worked beautifully. The DnD got what ran to kill the healer hitting me instead. Instead of about insta-gibbing the healer, it'd hit me. The tank could easily get the guy under control after that, because I was actually following the kill order and the only threat I had generated on the healer-attracted mob was from DnD. It gave the tank time to respond, while putting me at no undue risk or the healer under undue strain since the mob hitting me wasn't nearly as critical as if it were hitting her.

That run went very smoothly, and everyone was pleased with how it all went.

Breakfast Topic: Fear is the mind-killer {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 11:31AM I actually find HoR easiest to heal with a tank who is willing (and able, I'm aware it's tougher for Warrs, it can be done, but it's a ton of effort) to tank it in the center of the room.

Because, yes, the corner method blinds healers. I can respond faster to things going on if we do it in the center. I'm more mobile, too.

Some tanks really prefer that also.

Breakfast Topic: Fear is the mind-killer {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 11:08AM The instances I cringe upon seeing are Gun'drak and Old Kingdom.

Why? Because they're the only instances the system seems to think I should be running!! I'm an ICC-10 raiding healing priest, and does it give me harder instances which might challenge me some? No. Does it let me help lesser-geared players through Nexus and UK, which can also be fun??

No. It makes me run Old Kingdom over and over. And on the rare occasion it doesn't give me that, it gives me Gun'drak.

The only way to see other instances is to group up with guildmates and run several runs in a row. But it will knock out OK and Gun'drak early. After that I actually have a chance at seeing CoS (my favorite instance) or Forge of Souls or something.

It could be worse, I suppose. I have a guildmate, a warlock, who got Oculus 17 out of 23 runs, he kept a tally! After a while it became a source of morbid amusement for him. One of the runs he didn't get Oculus was when he was grouped with me...and we got Old Kingdom instead.

I used to like Gun'drak.

I don't understand why the system shunts some people into the same instances over and over. Is it due to their matchmaking system, or what??

Blood Pact: Mistakes other people make {WoW}

Jan 26th 2010 5:47AM I pay close attention in raids to 2 classes in particular (aside from the tanks, naturally): Rogues and Warlocks. Rogues, because the poor guys are at melee range and rather squishy for it, they wear construction paper armor. Warlocks, because I know that in a long fight they're going to have mana issues if they don't tap, and when they tap they're at more danger from fight mechanics. I can see your mana bar as well as your health bar, I'll throw Hymn of Hope if the raid needs it and other healers can cover - and I'll definitely help a Lock gain his mana back by tossing a renew, Gift of the Naaru, or a flash heal, too.

I do expect a Lock to tap intelligently. Please don't wait until the boss is announcing his gigantic raid wide damage ability to tap yourself to oblivion.

I also don't want to see a lock sitting at 10% mana pre-pull when I have hots (and a shield, to alert them to the fact that I see them - since it otherwise does nothing for them) rolling on them only to see them finally tap after the tank has pulled *sigh*

Spiritual Guidance: ICC-10 gear guide for holy and discipline priests {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 2:11AM A dead player does ZERO dps. We give healers priority on +spirit gear. But anything else without hit generally goes up for grabs -- Int/Haste/Crit? Everyone who can use it rolls.