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Breakfast Topic: Logging into the expansion {WoW}

Jul 14th 2010 8:07AM personally I'd like to see one of the major changes from cataclysm, like the giant split through the barrens.
I think we'll probably get something like the Deathwing image on the official cataclysm page though

The Queue: All the single ladies {WoW}

Jul 12th 2010 6:02PM Any idea of the themes for armor in cataclysm?

Twitter developer chat for April 16, 2010, organized by category {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 11:59PM I was thinking a sphinx, being that they mentioned Egypt specifically.

Breakfast Topic: Your Holiday WoW {WoW}

Nov 28th 2009 8:03AM Holidasy= excessive wow playing=good. i might actually find the time to raid TCG Loot Giveaway: Sandbox Tiger and the Flag of Ownership {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 6:13AM Can has pretty flag please?