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Repetitive heroic dailies {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 11:31AM This is a little off-topic, but is anyone else annoyed at the fact that you only need to be honored in order to get the heroics key now?

Setting the scenario:
My friend has wanted to go back to tanking for a while and had gear good enough to tank most heroics without any issues. He was revered on his tank and has only a green or two (good greens for the +def or block on them). Otherwise, his gear was blue-purple.

My friend sends a tell to me while I am on my alt to help assist with the last boss of Heroic Ramparts. They kept losing members and just needed to perform the last boss. I jump on my Warlock main and join the group. I don't recognize any of the names from the others in the group, but whatever...its a PuG. Upon arrival, I see there is another Warlock in the group, and a very annoying little twerp of a Warlock as I soon came to find. His attitude made me feel the need to check his gear. Yep - all greens except for the blue staff from the Ring of Blood in Nagrand. What the heck was this guy doing in a heroics? Then I remember, you only need to be honored to enter.

So, we go in and my friend tanks the last boss, and because of knowing his play style, I open up after a few seconds and we quickly down the boss. My friend then says, "Finally." I ask what was wrong, and he tells me about the noob group who would not pay attention to marking, focus fire on marked targets, and the Warlock that would DoT everyone (including CC) and then attempt to use fear as CC throughout the instance...then asked to see damage meters. He said they had been trying to down the boss 4 times and kept wiping because the healer would run out of mana due to the DPS being so low, the fight would go on forever. So, just curious, I check my DPS meter on the last boss. Warrior Tank (my friend) was sitting just barely below the other Warlock.

Now, aside from my loathing for the way the other Warlock acted, I sat back and wondered why Blizzard would make the move of allowing a "Honored" toon into a Heroics. Please remember now, you can get honored with almost any faction just by doing a few quests for that faction while leveling. You don't have to have stepped into a single instance in the game. Therefore, people that have NEVER even been in a group, much less a regular instance, now have access to heroics such as Heroic Arc, Heroic SH, and Heroic SV. These people would not stand a chance in a regular instance, much less a heroics. They become a liability. And since everyone and their dog can go to heroics now, it is a lot harder to bother with looking people up in the Armory before adding them to your group (because someone else may actually snatch up the good players). Also, to compound the problem, Armory will not be a good way to gauge a character either, since Badges of Justice are so easy to get by coasting by a lower heroics instance on the back of other players. Eventually everyone will have gear better than Kara/Gruul's/SSC epics, without having to have learned how to use their class.

I apologize for being OT from the post, and for being long winded as well, but with the question so fresh in my mind, I wanted to know if others were seeing the same problem.

Blizzard's new Warden, and our privacy {WoW}

Nov 16th 2007 11:48AM @39 and 40,

No. You have a lot to learn about computers and processes apparently. A web browser does not have access to everything on my system. If you were still running an unpatched version of Win95...sure. Companies are now doing everything they can to separate processes in an attempt to stop this very problem. Linux (or whatever flavor of Unix you want to pick) and Vista are both good examples. Both separate Kernel access from the OS. My web browser does not interact with my "X" application unless I tell it specifically to do so and give it permission. What has been done here is a work-around to have the WoW client give permission to other areas of your system without you permitting it. It is the same thing as a Trojan Horse or Root Kit (pick one). The bottom line is that it is wrong.

Change incoming for new meta gem {WoW}

Nov 16th 2007 11:01AM I leveled my Jewel Crafting early on to 375 in order to take advantage of meta-gems. They added a flavor that could make any character a little more unique. I was very disappointed to find that very few head peices at 70 actually use meta-gems. And the majority of the ones that do use them, are almost needed in order to make that item a viable peice of gear to begin with. Top tailoring recipes should have meta-gem slots. I love the bonuses they offer, but my Spellstrike Hood does not have a slot to make use of one. Putting the slot in there would extend the viable use of this item and carry it on through more advanced areas of the game. Given the new rewards from badges and ZA, I don't think this would be a question of being overpowered either.

Blizzard's new Warden, and our privacy {WoW}

Nov 15th 2007 4:23PM @5 LOL You are completely blinded by the BS commercials that Apple has spread out there. Macs are currently among the most vulnerable systems out there. Even Microsoft has started wiping their brow thanking Macs for the reprieve of the spotlight.

Get a clue.

On to the OP, it is a problem. Yes people did agree to a terms of use contract by clicking "I Agree", but the kid that installed WoW on his daddy's system would probably hate to tell him this story. True, there are a good number of gamers out there that could care less about this, but they probably don't keep financial records or important documents on their system. About the only incriminating thing most gamers have on their computers are the Gigs of porn.

The other thing I have to ask is, should companies be allowed to change their terms of use past the original purchase? Or more to the point, how does a user know the terms of use before they install the software>? When you bought World of Warcraft, did you see the terms that you were going to have to adhere to before the purchase? You can't return the product to any store after the seal was broken just because the terms of use were not something that you agreed with, can you? No. So why should a company be allowed to change them even once after the initial agreement? Also, terms of use are generally a blanket statement. I am sure the terms on this one do not include verbage stating that Blizzard is allowed to use "X" software to monitor the processes within your computer system, and the following sentences will explain the limit of the monitoring...

My guess is that nobody has really challenged this in court as of yet. I am sure that one day, someone will have a reason to sue some company for this specific reason, and will inevitably win. We'll just have to wait and see.

Shifting Perspectives: The Druid-Shammy double whammy {WoW}

Nov 13th 2007 5:59PM @1. True, but Pally healers are efficent healers and can make it through a fight with smaller amounts of mana. An innervate to one of them could mean you are saving your own life. Shaman healers as well, as innervate along with the totems can bring a shammy back to a good position. Earth Shield is one of the best spells in the game for healing and is mana efficient in the sense that it procs on damage taken, therefore does not waste needless healing. This means they can heal through a longer fight with less mana needed. Innervates on these classes are not as bad as one might think.

How to get a loot card for yourself {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 5:03PM @1...Yeah, but this does not qualify them as sane people.

If you think it does, I have a really nice canal I can sell you virtually. You can be the only one that is allowed to cross through it...virtually.

*Legal Notice: I take no responisibility for any actions, legal or personal, that might, should, will or did occur from you blocking traffic through the Panama canal. Limiting purchase of one virtual canal per customer.

PTR Notes: Aimed Shot changed again {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 1:15PM @6. Hunters passed Warlocks a long time ago. MS Warriors passed Warlocks after getting any decent gear. Ret. Pallies have always passed Warlocks. Shadow Priests...don't get me started...Mages are passing EVERYONE as we speak.

I'm going to log on and roll a non-combat pet. I think those will even pass Warlocks soon.

Mage buffs on the horizon {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 11:02AM @19...Locks are not as powerful as they used to be already. People still retain the stigma of loc OPness. Its a long gone thing.

To qualify my next few statements, I have 5 70's that I use in BGs/Arenas and in PvE. My main is a Lock. She is fully geared and Affliction spec. I also have a Warrior (MS), Rogue (Hemo), Paladin (Ret), and a Druid (Feral).

Most people point to fear as the number one reason why Lock are OP. Let me count the ways to get out of fear...Pally Bubble, Trinkets, 'Zerker Warrior, Cleanse, Tremor Totem, Diminishing Returns (if it comes to that), WotF (undead), I can go on...but I think you get the idea. There are a lot of ways out of fear.

Deathcoil (instant cast Affliction Talent) is a handy tool, but only lasts a short duration. It is normally used in the preying stance when you are hoping to get a brief second out of a stun lock or a warrior's flurry of melee attacks.

Now, with that said, fear 1v1 can be pretty devistating. The problem is, unless you are socially inept, nobody fights alone. Once someone sees a fear pop up, they immediately look for the lock and kill them. It is a little like raising a target above your head. It also takes time to cast it, during which you are normally being pummled to death or interupted. I honestly do not use fear all that often in a BG, and find myself more successful because of it.

DoTs overall are pretty strong, but the main thing about a DoT that make people think they are so powerful is that people can *SEE* them ticking away thier health. Although I hate being DoTed, I hate being charged by a Fury Warrior and slaughtered in 2-3 hits or having a crit mage pyroblast me down to nothing in a single shot.

I could go on with this post forever on how Locks are so easily killable in a BG and are no longer the OP class that everyone remembers. Yes our DoTs can give a good Lock top spot on a Damage Done chart, but look at Killing Blows sometimes. You don't see us up there. Why? We dont actually kill anyone. We just main them.

If anything, Locks need a Buff in DPS. Leave fear as is...its gimp anyways.

One versus them all {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2007 1:35PM @17 I almost feel sorry for you...but hopefully other people will realize that you are a challenged person and will go lightly on the forthcoming insults. Good luck.

One versus them all {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2007 11:41AM Depending on what we are talking about when saying, "Solo." If you are talking about clearing all trash and bosses (What I consider soloing), my Prot Pally (and Ret before I respec'd him), and my Warlock can solo any 5-man instance. The only boss I cannot seem to kill in LBRS is (cant recall the name) the Ogre boss you put the pike down to summon. The adds just end up too overwhelming.

If you are talking about soloing with just killing off bosses and stealthing is viable, the Druid is the most capable. The healing and damage mitigation coupled with dealing good damage (and self-heals with leader of the pack) makes solo play easy.

Has anyone out there been able to solo the Ogre boss in LBRS with a Pally/Druid/Warlock? If so, how did you manage it? I have good gear on all toons, and the Druid is Feral spec.