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Breakfast Topic: Will you buy the new in-game pets? {WoW}

Nov 5th 2009 8:51AM I won' tbe wasting £10 on these... What for?

Not that I've got anything against Blizzard wanting to make money (and also donate a little to charity too) but since this Activision business we've seen a huge influx of pay-for-this and pay-for-that... Faction change, race change, pets, what next? My money is on vanity mounts.

Blizzard are more focused on money, money, money than before. However, if people are willing to pay for these services or items, fair play to Blizzard. They're not dumb... I've already seen some mounts which can only be picked up from trading cards and I'm sure people pay quite a bit for these on eBay. So why shouldn't Blizzard make money out of them rather than Joe Public?

I have to say I'm glad they're not going down the pay-for-items or pay-for-weapons road... Yet. The day that happens will be a very sad day and I'd probably quit to be honest.

p.s. Slightly off-topic but still on the subject of money... I wonder how happy all those people who paid to switch to Undead are now that the WoTF nerf has been announced in 3.3 and... Will they be paying to go Human next?

Encrypted Text: Leveling a new rogue, character creation {WoW}

Oct 16th 2009 9:15AM Just because you've reached level 80 and your guild are gearing you up doesn't mean you're a nab. As one of the better geared rogues in my guild I also help to gear up the decent players ASAP. If they were nabs I wouldn't waste my time.