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Patch 3.3 PTR: Disenchant as a loot option {WoW}

Oct 17th 2009 3:04PM I been testing this on the test realm. I did a very low end instance for speed so it didn't take forever while running two wow's. How it is now is Need/Greed go over DE. Anyone can hit DE even if they do not enchant. Without any enchanters in the group there is no DE option.

Being an enchanter on the live realms has me feeling rather mixed about it. On the good side, it saves you an accidental DE of your personal items (Thank you blizz for restoring my main spec offhand), the poor sap who passed cause he didn't roll for an item and I DE said item, and the scammers who DE it all then poof.

The bad side: We now rely on RNG, meaning that one can walk into 5 instances and get a ton of shards while the other members are left with quite literally nothing. Yes it can be fixed by saying "One shard per run" like the old one blue per run. That is the huge one for me though. Basically speaking, I have terrible dice and I mean terrible. I will mostly lose a source of income. I am not sure about how every server runs but on mine the most money I make from enchanting comes not from the rare recs I have but the tips from the lucky runner to get a nice stash of greens to be disenchanted. There I will usually get 5-15 gold depending on how many and how generous they are.

I guess in short, when the only reason I run heroics these days is for shards it would be nice to still get one without non-enchanters getting up in arms over me being "greedy"