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Blue Posts: War Banner, PvP tanks, MoP press tour {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 1:24AM @Noyou, If you mean his parody response, yes it was overdramatic. It was meant to be.

If you mean that people aren't going to sound much like that, then I don't even know where to begin. Yes, someone is going to declare they will unsubscribe over the skull banner. While I doubt they will call it a gay poop banner, it will probably carry an appellation equally mature.

Shifting Perspectives: Making life hell for groups with Mists of Pandaria druid talents {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 9:56PM Hey, all we had was a hammer, and you refused to look like a nail. Fixed that.

I'm kidding. I die almost instantly in pvp. It's quite sad.

The Queue: The luckiest guy in the world {WoW}

Feb 19th 2012 7:29PM @Bapo

No, not a flying keg. Either the dwarves would see a new skin for their gryphons, perhaps a black gryphon (as opposed to the Ebon one we have now), or the Dark Irons would provide flying broomsticks.

I actually think racial flying mounts is kind of cool. Someone that played through the Warcraft RTS could probably do this better, but let's see:
Dwarves: As mentioned, though Gryphons would make more sense. I'm not totally opposed to a flying keg, either.
Gnomes: Something along the lines of the Gyrocopter, or maybe just a rocket pack.
Humans: THEY might have broomsticks. Or maybe a large eagle.
Night Elves: Hippogryph
Draenei: I think Nether Rays would fit best.
Worgen: A toughie. Nothing obvious springs to mind. Their culture is Victorian, so maybe something Steampunk like a mini-zepplin.

Orcs: Twilight drakes. Just kidding, I think Pterodax or Wind Riders.
Tauren: A spirit-skin wind rider, or maybe a Stormcrow. It's be nice to have the old slow druid flight form back, actually.
Blood Elves: Dragonhawk
Goblins: A rocket. Obviously.
Undead and Troll would have to fight it out over bats, though maybe they can both have on of different colors.

The Queue: Superb Owl {WoW}

Feb 5th 2012 12:24PM I was not expecting them to upgrade the holday boss loot. They've seemed to have only reset the gear when they release another explansion, and at least once not even then.

The Queue: To Kill a GM {WoW}

Feb 1st 2012 1:16PM @Edymnion And that's why the forasken starter zone, Silverpine, and Ghostlands are some of my least favorite zones to play. I love the quests in Ghostlands and Silverpine, but it's just so very dark that I lose interest quickly. Only ever made through Silverpine fully once, back in Vanilla, and Ghostlands maybe three times.

Ol' Grumpy and the Dragon Soul nerf {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 4:43PM I really do think that there should be some kind of achievement at least for completing DS on normal or heroic either pre-nerf or with the nerf turned off. Possibly require for the Meta achievement (and introduce a new meta, with the nerf applied, that only rewards a pet instead of the mount). Not that this would apply to me, of course; my raid team is definetely hitting road blocks. But it'd give a real, tangible if fleeting reason to turn off the nerf for those whom prestige is all that really matters. I want them happy too. Who will do the math for me if they all bugger off to Guild Wars 2 or whatever?

Patch 4.3.2 PTR official patch notes {WoW}

Jan 17th 2012 8:14AM @Prelimar Arcane was *not* the go-to spec for all of Wrath. It did just fine, yes, but Fire was superior up until Onyxia, and after you got the second 25 man trinket in ICC, which only procced off DOT ticks and so was useless to Arcane.

Breakfast Topic: Would you vote-kick that NPC from your party? {WoW}

Jan 17th 2012 8:09AM I'm not sure you're being fair to either Tyrande or Illidan.
Illidan holds aggro on the boss despite the massive amount of dps everyone is doing, and brings his own unique buff even more potent than heroism. Did the shaman ever get kicked during Wrath or BC? Didn't think so.

And Tyrande takes care of practically all of the adds by herself. She's perfectly willing to sacrifice personal dps in order to keep the fight managable, right up until she runs out of arrows and Illidan has to step in, of course. Plus, watch her. She shoots at targets behind her, and one-shots them.

Malfurian and Thrall, I have no defenses for.

Scattered Shots: Hunter predictions for a new year {WoW}

Dec 31st 2011 9:54AM @Vitos
Only if the pet was a spore bat.

More seriously, I dig this idea, but I'd like to see how the pet buff was handled first.

The Queue: No cats, but still furry feet {WoW}

Dec 29th 2011 11:53AM Blizz and Ghostcrawler has said, several times, that they do not plan to do this. That said, I have a hard time believing them, and I doubt I'm in the minority there.

My guid kicked around a couple of ideas, with the loudest being them dusting off that Abyssal Maw raid they had ideas but not much progress towards. This could possibly lead towards MoP, depending on how they're doing to storyline. I'd personally like to see N'zoth or a fragment of him addressed in some fashion, with perhaps a reuse of the Sanity mechanic from Yogg-Saron. A more MoP lead in idea might be to have a phased version of Scarlet Monastary being attacked by a Sha, the shadow bad-vide demon things we're killing in MoP.

No matter who we actually kill, I hope he drops cloaks.