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Disenchanting in dungeons in patch 3.3 {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 11:54PM
"Also, those who put thousands of gold and countless hours into leveling their enchanting should admit that they leveled that to apply endgame enchants and profession specific enchants, not to disenchant."

I love people who know exactly why other people do things. It's this sort of ignorance that comes hand in hand with those that don't understand where the money in having the enchanting profession comes from.
It's good that everyone doesn't have any reason to get money either, isn't it?

Disenchanting in dungeons in patch 3.3 {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 10:13PM Another by-product of this issue that I haven’t seen addressed yet is the inevitable change in attitude towards enchanting (disenchanting) that this new option engenders. Not only is this one single ability up for group use, it will be considered a right for group use in a short space of time. This alters the perspective people have towards enchanting as a skill, and enchanters start that slide toward being considered little more than shard-bitches (when it comes to loot anyways).
Respect for the domain of those that have put resources into developing a profession needs to be maintained, regardless of the profession you choose. I’ve never asked for reward for any DEing I’ve ever done – it’s always been offered by respectful players, most often with a simple “thanks”.

As an enchanter I do not, and never have, considered un-NEEDed items to be mine. That I can turn an item that has value to all (after a greed roll) into something else, is my choice and mine alone. I need to apply a skill I have gained with my effort and resources to it – this is not up to the whims of others.

Like other professions the materials we collect/gather are sourced from somewhere. Some enchanters run instances to gather mats in this way. Some buy cheap items on AH. Some mass kill mobs for greens and, in my case, cloth to turn into greens to DE. These are the mats we use for, for want of a better term, our “in game living”.

I’m glad Blizzard stopped to consider allowing a functionality like this for cross-server runs that would have otherwise been unavailable, but to allow any player free access to a skill used to collect mats is inappropriate.

Officers' Quarters: Partners in crime {WoW}

Oct 27th 2009 7:56AM Regardless of the situation this one question needs to be answered and understood by the players in the run you are in: What is the function of a “roll” in this raid?
1. The right for an equal chance to use that item on your toon.
2. The right for an equal chance to assign the item to the person of your choice.
3. The right for an equal chance to sell the item to anyone making you an offer after the item has been allocated.

Should you agree that a roll made on a specific item gives you the right to use that item yourself, and yourself only, then option one applies to you and those running with you. Relationships are independent from rolling.
Should you believe that rolling on an item grants you the right to be your own one-person-version of a loot council, and the power to pass an item off to whoever you wish, including yourself - then option two is for you.
Should you join raids to make money from being an opportunist option three is for you.

As an extra note for options two and three: If you like these then every single person in the raid should be allowed the opportunity to roll on every item, regardless of item type or usability. I also hope the people you are running with are wise enough to appreciate this and share the same ethics you have. Else, comfort yourself with the knowledge that it’s just a game – and who needs ethics in a game?

I’d have to say that there is probably more options possible for what a “roll” represents, but the few listed above cover the bulk of the issues raised so far.

Work out what rights making a “roll” gives, agree upon this with your fellow raiders, and you won’t have any problems with what happens to loot.