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Patch 4.2: Pet collector achievements updated on the PTR {WoW}

May 25th 2011 11:43PM Yay! I'll love my virtual helmeted sperm pet!!

Ghostcrawler talks tanks and threat {WoW}

Dec 16th 2010 3:13PM Ahh the benefit of being a night elf, sadly I play a human paladin and the best I can do if the group pisses me off is bubble hearth.

Ghostcrawler talks tanks and threat {WoW}

Dec 16th 2010 3:11PM PROTIP: DPS target assist your tanks, this is a skill that died in Wrath sadly, and I have yet to tank a pug where all of the DPS actually assist me.

If you don't know how to assist group-mates, for the sake of all that is good and holy, google it.

Enter to win your own Creative WoW Wireless headset {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 5:45PM /roll

Chandler rolled 100/100

(raid) : Grats!!

Chandler receives [Creative WoW Wireless Headset]