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Breakfast Topic: What's the worst trash pull in the game? {WoW}

Jan 30th 2012 6:27PM Halls of Repair? Huh?
Haven't heard of that, I'm sure clever, name before. Even if they were part of the encounter, they still came in waves and you had to kill them belore you engaged the boss...kind of like ultraxion trash, huh? Or like every other trash...But regardless of what you call it, it was a pain.

Breakfast Topic: What's the worst trash pull in the game? {WoW}

Jan 29th 2012 12:32PM Hey how about the waves of trash in Hall of Reflection? If you got a bad/under geared tank it was such a nightmare to heal. And if you wiped you had to start over again...I had night terrors about that dungeon, especially when it first came out.

Dragon Soul normal and heroic nerf begins Jan. 31 {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 1:49AM @Spider, I see what you mean but really the buff is not really optional. This has been discussed many times over way back when the ICC buffs came out and I don't want get into that issue again. I guess I'm being slightly selfish in my stance but I do wish our guild completed the raid while it was more current. I'm not one of those hardcore elitist though that say "noooo nerfs. Now every scrub can get lootz" at least? XD I'm just lamenting about the fact that nerfs came so quickly for content that's easier to begin with (and I think that's the opinion of the majority of players right now just like the majority found the ragnaros encounter per nerf a bit too difficult for example)

Dragon Soul normal and heroic nerf begins Jan. 31 {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 1:33AM @zapwidget, If I wanted to get content down faster I would join a hard core guild but I'm perfectly happy with the people I raid with. Like many other guilds, I'm sure, we enjoy challenges though. We are not interested in doing hard modes because they take too much work and usually beyond our skill level, but they are plenty of guilds out there that are doing them and for them it's progression. It doesn't matter at which point of progression you are in, when the content is current and "un nerfed" you are doing some sort of meaningful progression. This meaningful progression is taken away by nerfs. It's like bringing the tier of content artificially to its end or doing it an artificially fast way. Yes, maybe our guild was too slow in getting this content down fast, but why does it have to be this fast? Some nerfs are reasonable (firelands one for example, very few guilds very getting ragnaros down) but when lots of normal guilds are progressing thought content the way it should be done (again, not just my guil but plenty of other guilds whether the ones working on hard modes or still doing normal) I don't see a point in a nerf (especially so soon). You are free to disagree with me; it's alright :)

Dragon Soul normal and heroic nerf begins Jan. 31 {WoW}

Jan 18th 2012 11:31PM Spider, I know what optional means, you don't have to be insulting. In fact I raided Icecrown when we had this buff and I have not known a single guild, hardcore or otherwise, that turned off the buff. You know why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T MATTER. No one cared if you killed LK with buff turned off or on. They just know you killed him. Yes, if my guild wants a challenge we might turn off the buff. But we won't do it probably because people won't care enough. On a larger scale the content has been nerfed. Blizzard decided that hardcore guilds had their fun and now they need to hand out loot to everyone else. It is Blizzard's mindset and attitude that I do not want and it has nothing to do with the clicking off a button. I eloborated on this issue further in the comment above.

Dragon Soul normal and heroic nerf begins Jan. 31 {WoW}

Jan 18th 2012 11:20PM Yes, you are right but my question is why is the buff needed at all when people are progressing through content the way they are meant to? DS is a really easy raid compared to Firelands when it first came out. There is no reason to nerf the content/buff the player when the raid is easy already and there are lots of guilds that are progressing through it steadily. It seems like Blizzard has only two demographics in mind...hardcore guilds that get everything done within two weeks of content's release and casuals that need buffs as soon as those hardcore guild had their fun. The other, middle of the pack guilds, are not given the opportunity to even finish off progressing through content before nerfs start going out (same thing happened with Firelands. they released the nerfs way too early). You might say, it's an ego thing, but as a casual raider I feel insulted. It's like Blizzard doesn't have faith in us casual raiders and wants to walk us through content holding our hand and present us with the loot on a platter. Yes, we enjoy raiding for what it is, having fun with friends and killing internet dragons (with moderate amount of challenge). But when those internet dragons get impatient and fall over (aka get nerfed) before we even get to kill them it's really not fun. It's not about clicking the buff off or not, it's about Blizzard and the kind of attitude they have towards us casual/normal raiders.

So yeah, I'm not against nerfs to raiding content per se. I'm against unnecessary nerfs (DS is easy as it is) and nerfs that come too early. At least it's an increasing buff just like ICC and won't make content trivial right away...but give it a month before my guild is gonna become bored out of their minds and quit en masse for TOR.

Dragon Soul normal and heroic nerf begins Jan. 31 {WoW}

Jan 18th 2012 11:06PM My guild is casual. We are so casual, we spent more than a month wiping on Rag after nerfs. But I DO NOT WANT this nerf. This is completely unnecessary. We been progressing through DS at a steady, reasonable pace. First we got 2 bosses down. Ping pong took us another week and went into 4/8. Wiped on Ultraxion for one week. Then 2 weeks on Blackhorn. Just this week we had a stab at Spine and it was going really good. I'm sure we will get it this week. Then next week will Madness. But no, it will be nerfed and I will never experience the fight on normal mode the way it was meant to *sigh*.
(yes, we could turn off the buff to see how it is without the buff...but i'm sure, by popular demand, our progression is going to be with a buff. it is stupid to turn off a buff when everyone else is working with it).

I don't understand the logic behind what Blizzard is doing here. I did think Firelands was overtuned and the nerfs were needed (although, again our guild was totally fine working through it on our own pace) but DS is so much easier than Firelands. People can see content through LFR, the raid is easier than previous tier, WHY ARE THEY NERFING THEN? I'm not raging, I'm sincerely curious (although I admit there is a bit of rage...) But I really just want to know WHY.

Breakfast Topic: How and where do you prefer to level your alts? {WoW}

Dec 9th 2011 12:04PM Wow, people really hate Hellfire. It's the boars, right?

WoW Moviewatch: How to Win at Alts {WoW}

Oct 7th 2011 1:56PM Totally agree. There is nothing more painful in this game than gearing a non-main. It was alright in Wrath. But now, if I have to do another troll heroic I just might end my life.

And this also what prevents me from leveling alts too. Every new level is a level closer to end-game...and closer to heroics..and then to troll heroics. The dread of knowing I will have to worry about end-game overpowers the enjoyment I get from leveling any alts.

The Light and How to Swing It: Synergizing with druids and shaman {WoW}

Sep 19th 2011 10:44PM Yup, that really caught my eye too. It's never a good idea to cast Healing Surge. For the same amount of mana (and practically time) you can cast GHW, except it will also heal the target for about 20-30k more (considering our mastery and if the target is at around 20% health it might actually crit for more than 90k which is 70k more than HS).

Also, agree with the commentor above. With higher ilvls of gear HW is pretty useless. GHW is always my top most used spell.