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How Blizzard used the dungeon system to change Oculus {WoW}

Nov 14th 2009 2:11PM Broken instances? I wouldn't call them broken - I would just say they aint as popular as the rest.

Oculus takes more effort imo with all the drake flying, dismounting and mounting and if you have one person in your group who fails at the last boss its a wipe fest.

Mauradon is just a mission to get to for the lower levels since levelling is so fast paced compared to what it used to be, most people just skip Mara all together. Or will get in a group for it then nobody can be bothered to go to the stone.

SteelSeries WoW mouse gets new functionality {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 9:43AM Love everything about the mouse apart from the metal finish, if you are a hardcore gamer who sits at their computer for long periods, you will start to get the horrible green stain on your hand where the metal is wearing off. (the same as when you hold a lot of copper coins for a long time)

that kind of ruined it for me as i now have a half plastic and a half metal mouse... absolute crud, decided to go back to Razer :P