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The OverAchiever: The 25 most evil achievements, Continued {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 3:36AM For less-rabi...

Shaman with reverb? To quote that annoying lil XT... No no no no (you get the idea)

This used to be the way, back in the day... But it's still horribly dependant on latency being steady.

Nowadays, with high DPS that you get from a lot of people, the best option that I could think of is a mage and a high DPS group. Why? Because counterspell has a 6sec lockout, longer than the 5sec cooldown after 50%...
If your mage counterspells the 50% cast, you have just under 10sec to finish him off, and these days, that should be enough (especially since people have started their CDs and all as they run in, debuffs and dots are up, and any execute-like abilities become active, meaning the higher DPS is on the second half of the fight)

The 50% cast is still reasonably fast, which could be a problem for some players (here in Au, latency is usually 300ms+, which doesn't help at all), but since it's at a known interval, you know when it's coming... unless someone interrupted just before from the 10sec cast (if that's the mage, you have less time to finish him off. if that's someone else, the mage will need to wait to counterspell)

Chill of the Throne: Dodge nerfed 20% in Icecrown Citadel {WoW}

Oct 30th 2009 7:19AM Sweet. A buff to bear tanking at last.
Now, before you get too excited, I'll explain why.

Part of it has already been explained.
As long as no tank has less than 20% dodge going in, it theoretically drops everyone's avoidance chance the same amount (although, sure, going from 60%-40% isn't the same as 50%-30% in terms of change to damage taken. On the other hand, bears already expect to be hit more, but have more health/armour to soak it up).

However... Take into account diminishing returns.
All I've read from the theorycrafters says bears over 50% dodge get better value from +def than more dodge, due to diminishing returns on dodging...
What will this change mean? We probably won't hit that 50% mark again in ICC, which means we can continue gearing up the way we did, not worrying about the high-end tax on dodge values.
It's simpler, and has some extra value for us.
To me, it seems like less diminishing returns means we end up losing less avoidance. Assuming I understand the mechanics correctly (if diminishing returns applies before the -20% dodge then it goes back to affecting all tanks roughly the same as far as avoidance, but my other points still hold).

As for the other effects... We don't lose much.
There's 3 rage from a dodge, but against bosses (unless you're well overgeared or it's a heavy magic fight (and then dodge isn't your problem anyway)) you shouldn't get rage starved.
We don't have any abilities that become available or more powerful after we dodge. Other tanks do.
We don't lose opportunities by not dodging, we just take a bit more damage (and the lower damage output of bosses means we're already designed for soaking up the hits better than other tanks may be).

Going on the comments of more dodge above, which we generally get from agility rather than dodge rating (apart from enchants and Equip: lines), we'll probably end up stacking agi a little higher, which means... More crits. More threat, and more savage defence.

Reading about Cataclysm, other tanks are going to be made more like bears (standard-PvE crit immunity through talents, etc), this is probably an early part of it.
And for such a large change, and Blizz's interest in balancing both power and population of classes, I think they'll probably put a fair bit of effort into making it work reasonably well. There'll be hiccoughs, but of all the downsides to bear tanking... This change doesn't worry me too much.

TL;DR: less diminishing returns on dodge, no missed Revenge/etc opportunities, we're already designed to soak up hits. They buffed our furry butts.

(sorry if this double posts, first comment and no email to confirm as yet, using diff account)