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Breakfast Topic: The Happy Accidents {WoW}

Dec 21st 2009 2:19AM So far I've had mainly awesome experiences with the LFG tool, although there was one really bad group.
I queued for H Occ since I need the green winter hat, and got into a group where everyone else was guildies (I'm a dps). While on drakes the tank was constantly flying too far ahead and dropping and beginning trash fights while 1-2 people were still being attacked on their drakes, so I kept having to lag behind and help them fight off the drakes. I was doing this when he started that boss (forgot the name lol) that summons the drakes surrounding into the fight- they hadn't cleared them so they were quickly getting owned by them. I flew in and time stopped to try and save em as did the other dps- but they all died except for us two who were still on drakes.
And then... they kicked me. Without a word. After I was saved :\ super frustrating.

Defeating the anxiety of running your first instance {WoW}

Oct 31st 2009 1:15AM I remember the the first instance I ever did- I was playing a pally then and they wanted me to tank. I ended up crying and running away from the computer cause I was so stressed out :( my boyfriend had to continue the instance for me lmao
That was years ago though and now I'm a pugging pro, hells yeah