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What Class Next? {WoW}

Oct 9th 2006 2:57PM This forum is a bit outdated but I'm gonna weigh in with my personal experience and suggestions.

I've been playing WOW going on 2 years. I have played every alliance
class excluding the warlock up to 40 and the warrior to 60 and hunter to 53. On the horde side I have played the priest, shaman and Mage to 60. I much prefer a casting character over a melee character. One distinct advantage of playing a Pally/Lock is that they both get free 40 level mounts. A disadvantage of playing a casting char other than the mage is that you will be buying water when not grouped with a mage. Over time you'd be surprised on what you pay for water, especially high end water such as AV water if your AV reputation is high enough. I'm not sure why people refer to warriors as "DPS". My warrior was respecced multiple times and his DPS doesn't even warrant mentioning compared to my frost mage or shadow priest.
Speaking of priests it's my opinion that hands down this was the hardest class for me to level. I fought multiple urges to delete the char long before level 20 based on his extreme fragility and high death rate. However I stuck with it and at level 40 got the shadow priest form. Healing abilities go way down but DPS goes up, Alot. I never had a problem soloing with my priest after 40. My shaman sad to say is my least played character despite the fact I leveled his AV rep to exalted and got the unstoppable force. As a healer specced resto and healing gear his healing ablities were as good if not better than my priest who respecced holy @ 60. However the shaman has no form of crowd control which is desparately needed in strat/Scholo. It basically comes down to playing preferences, Melee/caster/healer.

Breakfast Topic: You Knew the Group Was Doomed When.... {WoW}

Sep 18th 2006 1:44PM A good indicator that your group is doomed is after being invited to a group you notice there is no warrior and a hunter says "my pet will tank."