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China's GAPP halts WoW review, calls collecting subscriptions "illegal behavior" {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 8:41AM Ok some comments here are bias, ignorant and arrogant. I'm a Chinese living in China and currently playing on the US server with my hubby. This is just an artile about CWOW issues and I don't understand why some ppl have to bring up some b/s about human rights and communism, even if some of them have never been to China. I'm proud to be Chinese and we've got a lot of good things too, it doesn't bother me not to use facebook, twitter, myspace(actually I have acc of each of those but I stopped using them cuz they kinda suck to me and I recommend msn live space) and taco bell etc. My hubby's American and he's living in China with me now, we are having a good life here. I hope ppl stop getting flipped out by reading some negative news about CWOW.