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Azeroth United and Raid for the Cure running charity giveaways {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 1:38PM This is a great cause and I think it’s amazing that WoW could be part of something like this. I have had cancer run through my family (lost my grandmother, grandfather, and aunt. And my mother is a survivor) and am looking forward to this event and showing my support.
I have kind of an odd question though. Would Blizzard consider allowing free realm transfers, so people like myself, could afford to bring their main over? I know it seems silly, I could just start a new toon and use him, but I would like to use the character that I feel best represents me instead of starting someone new and deleting them at the end of the day. I would like to donate money to both event but I would not be able to donate as well as transfer. What about Blizzard donating the money from realm transfers so that way people like myself can contribute and participate that way?
One way or the other I will be there and show my support!
Jayson Pugh (Akillatem – Silverhand)