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Google's Superbowl ad will make you cry a little bit {Engadget}

Feb 6th 2010 11:29PM @Dubya I have a feeling you're right. That's the only logical explanation for that "Hell Freezing over" statement. Once allies, becoming nemeses, and BACK to allies. That would actually make a good commercial. Imagine it:

An Apple and a Google fighting, then becoming friends. Splendid.

You got this one on the bud, buddy. Or, in terms of football: BUD-WISE-ER!

WRUP: Why am I still awake edition {WoW}

Feb 6th 2010 12:42PM In-game: Me gon' grind me Warrior.

Out-game: Its raining here in SF. I think I'll go for a little night cap con fotografias.

Gene Munster: 2010 is the "Year of the Mac," sales up significantly {}

Jan 19th 2010 7:05PM When I think "Year of the Mac" the first thought that comes into my mind is Mark Morrison's Return Of The Mack! /yee!

New iLife, iPhone OS 4.0, and tablet next week? {}

Jan 19th 2010 12:16PM What's a matter, bud? Its only a couple of pills every 4 hours. I say we all go out and get some drinks to de-stress. How does that sound? Is it the weekend yet?!?!

Mauritius to Apple: Thanks for the iPhones, can we haz iTunes Store? {}

Jan 17th 2010 2:29PM Wouldn't Apple have thought about these important issues PRIOR to selling it's wares in other countries?

Going to Macworld Expo 2010? Join our community for updates and news {}

Jan 13th 2010 12:28PM Sweet! It will be my first MacWorld ever. And I've just recently moved back to CA from MN,

Maybe we can all roll to Infusion Lounge afterwards? /yee!

Rumor: Sam Raimi's next project is the Warcraft movie {WoW}

Jan 13th 2010 3:14AM Sam Raimi?! Serious?!?

HTC and other OEMs prepared to challenge the iSlate {}

Jan 4th 2010 12:16PM Why does everyone have to wait until CES to make an announcment? Can't we just "leak" the news now? ;D

And are we limited to how many of these things we can purchase if/when a Tablet comes out? If not, give me 10 please! Ok. maybe just one. If it ever comes out!

Stream audio and video live from your iPhone with Ustream Live Broadcaster {}

Dec 9th 2009 2:25PM My jaw.DROPPED. It works and I # it. Thank you!!!

BRB. Apparently, "I'm On."

IDC's crystal ball says Apple tablet, 300,000 App Store apps in 2010 {}

Dec 3rd 2009 1:01PM I think there is something to be said about Apps coming to the upcoming Tablet for both the Apple and Windows side. What's going to be the determining factor? Steven, I think your assumptions are correct. Its going to be the Apps that may sway people either way. The apps would bring the whole individual user experience with the technology - come together. Winner: the consumer. Damn. Exciting.

What does that mean for all of us? More people churning out apps. Which in turn, creates more work. Which is a good thing, I suppose. On the downside, though, we'll probably get more fluff Apps. Just sayin... But what thte consumer gets in the end is a personalized gadget. Hmm. Interesting.

Interesting thoughts, indeed. I think I'm going to write a post about this. Thanks for the insight...