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All the World's a Stage: Roleplaying Q&A {WoW}

Feb 14th 2011 2:42AM Most of the history of warcraft lore is explained through the in-game books accredited to Well Read. I figure if you're a serious enough RP who wants to firmly establish the character's know-how, this is a must have achievement.

The Lawbringer: The trouble with fan fiction {WoW}

Sep 17th 2010 6:08PM Use of passive voice in Fan fiction makes me cry.

World of WarCrafts: Hey, it's-a me, WoWio! {WoW}

Sep 6th 2010 5:01PM Neat! i like it! go go cross overs!

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 5th 2010 5:06PM 4th time will win me it!

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 1:56PM chance 3! Third times the charm, right?

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2010 10:37PM CHance number 2!

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 2:52PM I've wanted one of those for a long time. I think its only fair i deserve one.

Around Azeroth: Dancing on the ceiling {WoW}

May 16th 2010 10:31AM " I love to laugh
Loud and long and clear
I love to laugh
It's getting worse ev'ry year

The more I laugh
The more I fill with glee
And the more the glee
The more I'm a merrier me
It's embarrassing!
The more I'm a merrier me!"

For Gnomeregan! Obstacles {WoW}

May 16th 2010 2:42AM How do you tell your parents your really a warlock and not the squeaky clean priest they think you are? For starters, don't take the advice of a Sucubus. . .

How Paulse became Phaulse. A short story.

"Happy birthday to you!" the family sang, and clapped after the little boy and girl blew out the candles. The father cut the cake and his wife passed the cake slices to her children.

"This is the most delicious chocolate cake I've ever had," cried the little boy.

"You can thank your brother," The father said to the little boy. "He stopped by the auction house and picked it up for you."

"Thanks Paulse!" the boy and girl yelled.

"No problem you two. After all, birthdays come just once a year, and you two share the same day!"

"Duuh," the little girl said to Paulse. "That's 'cause we're twins. Right mom?" The little girl turned to her mother, and between bites of the cake asked, " After we're done eating, can we go outside and shoot off our fireworks? Mom?"

"Sure, but you'll have to have your father watch you." The family finished the cake the father followed the two children outside. Paulse stayed inside to help his mother clean up. Thunderous booms filled the kitchen and flashes of red, yellow and green illuminated the dishes Paulse scrubbed.

"It was so nice of you to bring the cake," His mother dried the dishes and peered outside the window. "The stash of cupcakes you bought will keep them happy for a week too." She set down her towel and hugged Paulse. " You've been gone so much. We've missed having you around here. You know we don't object though, what with your spreading the light and helping people out. We're both proud you've joined the priesthood. The light has a special path for you." The mother kissed Paulse on the cheek and joined her husband and children outside. Paulse stared down into the sink water and sighed.

"I can't believe its over," complained the little boy. " Can't I celebrate again tomorrow?"

"No," cooed Paulse. " Because what would you do when that day ends?" The boy began to speak but trailed off and climbed into his bed. "You'd want to continue celebrating the day after that," answered Paulse. "Besides, too much of a good thing makes you forget how good it is." He pulled the covers up to his brother's chin.

"You're so smart, Paulse. Is that something they taught you at priest school?"

Paulse smirked. " Restraint is heavily emphasized." He bent down and kissed his forehead. " Good night lil bro, I'll see you in the morning." Paulse snuffed out the candle and began to leave the room.

"Hey wait, my tummy hurts," moaned the boy. " Can you use your magic and fix it?"

Paulse turned and frowned. "Sorry kid. They don't teach us priests that, but now you know what happens when you eat too many sweets. Good night."

"Well, that's dumb. I think you should be the first priest to figure out how."

Paulse sat outside his house, staring out into the forest, enjoying the cool breeze and full moon. His quiet time ended, however, when his father sat down next to him.

"Enjoying the weather? It hasn't rained in a couple days, been nice clear skies and fair weather the whole time. Farmer Wesley said his crops this season will be the biggest yet." Paulse' father continued, looking upward toward the stars. "Speaking of Farmer Wesley, they told me to tell you how proud they are of you for training as a priest. The whole community is, Paulse. People love claiming they're friends with priests, makes'm feel good, and they like doing business with people with priests in the family," He shifted his weight and looked at Paulse. " Thanks to you, our business really took off," he smiled. "Your mother and I are both very proud of you and your accomplishments son."

Paulse returned the smile. " I'm just doing what the voice inside me says," he replied.

His father stood up and walked to the door. "I know son. Sometime before you go, you'll have to tell me about your adventures. G'night."

Paulse slouched over and buried his face in his palms.

" Light be forsaken, this is getting ridiculous!" Cried Paulse. After his father left him, Paulse ran out into the forest. His siblings birthday celebration interrupted his time to become acquainted with his new minion and he needed to see her potential. He began his summoning ritual and moments later a succubus appeared from the shadows.

Her hips swayed as she circled around him, occasionally pouting her lips and allowing her tail to graze the edge of his shirt. She examined him as closely as he examined her, but she spoke first.

"You're bothered, master." Her voice smoothed into an elegant, soft whisper. " Don't deny it, I can see it. What's wrong? Any way I can help make things," she paused and began to play with Paulse' hair. " . . . Better?"

He bat her hands away off him and walked away, beginning to talk. "I'm not what my family thinks I am and it's becoming more and more problematic. I can't keep coming up with lies and cover ups but I can't tell them the truth because it's too much. They couldn't handle, " he turned around and gestured toward the succubus. " All of this."

" Ooo I know baby. Only real strong men can handle of this." She cooed, wiggled her butt and spanked it. " If you've got a problem, prove how powerful you are and remove it."

" They're never going to leave me alone and eventually they'll find out I'm a warlock and they'll disown me. Whats it going to take to have them not freak out?" he sat down in the grass and tossed a rock into the darkness. The succubus' eyes flashed devilishly and, with a grin, walked toward him.

"So it sounds to me," she began. " Is all you need is a little planning and a pinch of deception."

Three days later, an alliance soldier patrolling Elwynn encountered a family fleeing in terror. The father, upon seeing the soldier, approached him shouting and crying.
"The Defias Brotherhood! They ransacked our home! They came for my son!" The father wept, " they killed him. I saw them murder my eldest son!"

The community gathered around the tombstone. Despite being unable to find a body, the family opted to have the tombstone for symbolic purposes. People wept and remembered Paulse with fond memories. All agreed he died too young and lamented his murder. From a distance, under the cover of a black hood, Paulse watched the memorial service. What better way to have people leave you alone then to have them think you died, he thought to himself. The plan worked out perfectly.

He told his father about his adventure through the deadmines and his involvement against the Defias brotherhood. He mentioned how he could still be targeted for attack by the brotherhood. Then he hired men to dress up in Defias garb, attack his house without harming his family, and, without a shadow of a doubt, make it very clear that Paulse died.

Before the attack, Paulse used his recently acquired spell to store his soul inside a stone. When the men attacked, he arranged his family to flee, but not before seeing him die. When his family disappeared from sight, he simply restored his soul, paid the men, killed the men, and looted his money back.

With his family fondly remembering him always as a do-good priest, Paulse could travel the world as a warlock uninhibited. No more obligations, no more hiding, no more feeling the disproval he felt during visits with his parents.

“Considering I’ve broken the shackles between them and me,” he spoke to the succubus hiding behind the tree. “I believe I’ll break the final link they’ve bound me in. My name.”

For Gnomeregan! Obstacles {WoW}

May 15th 2010 11:34PM Despite how overwhelmingly grateful I am for my parents surviving three wars and that they still write and care for me, the unexpected arrival of my father in Darkshire halted my adventuring. I am practicing and studying demonology but my mother and father are still under the impression I am traveling as a priest.

While my father may not be able to distinguish a shadow word from a corruption, hes keen enough to notice a gigantic entity of void and shadow following my commands. Up-keeping Demon skin is also one of those things priests generally don't deal with.

Either way, My father showed up to visit with me, meaning I kept a low key profile about my er. . . abilities. We passed most of our time reading in our room, but would occasionally go downstairs and have a drink in the tavern room. Toward the end of his visit, we walked north to the Red ridge mountains to camp. Eventually, he had to return back to the city and tend to business and I waved goodbye as he took off in his Hog.

Phew! Finally I can bust out my fel-side and get back to my adventuring. I don't know where it'll take me, but I'm certainly glad its taking me away.