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Know Your Lore: 5 must-do Alliance zones to complete before Mists {WoW}

Mar 18th 2012 6:54PM Part of why I still like Redridge so much (yes, even with Keeshan) is because the entire zone does change permanently once you're finished, and, unlike Westfall, there's a sense that things are much better off thanks to you being there.

I feel like there are very few zones for the Alliance where you come out of it with a sense that you "won" in a tangible way, and I think Redridge definitely gives that feeling.

Granted, it's a win that has nothing to do with the Horde/Alliance struggle, but still.

How to fix professions for Mists of Pandaria: An open letter to Blizzard {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 11:09AM Very yes. I got so excited when I first discovered the whole cogwheel thing, because it seemed like such a cool and different way to keep engineering relevant for an entire expansion. I kept hoping for upgraded cogwheels, or ways to put cogwheel slots into other things, or future items that made use of them...

And then it never had a point past the first tier.

Breakfast Topic: What's the least loved class in WoW? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 10:44AM I think that has a lot to do with why hunters are the more popular pet class. Warlock pets are comparatively boring in almost every regard to the massive amount of variety that hunters get with their pets.

Hunters get to basically choose what their pets do, what they look like, and what their names are. Warlocks at most get a choice of which pet of the same static pool to have out, which is a choice that usually gets made for them in the name of staying competitive damage-wise. They don't even get to have the demonic aesthetic exclusively, since there are some pretty "evil" and demonic looking hunter pet options out there too. If you don't totally love the set that every warlock is given (which isn't to say that nobody does, obviously), you're pretty much SOL.

At one point, warlocks did have a bit of a leg up on story flavor in regards to their pets, as they had to go do specific chains that were all about enslaving a particular demon before they got a new one, but that's gone now too.

I'm sure it's not the only reason people have for not playing a warlock, and for some it may not even be an issue. But I think it's definitely a factor.

Breakfast Topic: 'Every female WoW player has healed at least once' {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 8:21AM I think it's a concept that's carried over from a trend (less prevalent now than, say, 10 years ago, but still there) in pop culture fantasy for female characters to be relegated to the role of "staff chick". Particularly in older, single player RPGs, female characters were much more likely to be given the White Mage type jobs (when they were actually damage dealers, they were almost always ranged damage of some sort), while the guys were the ones more often than not dishing out damage or being leader-types.

There's nothing particularly wrong with women or female characters filling those roles, and even preferring them, but I think that at least plays into where the stereotype comes from and why it's still so strong.

As for myself, I do have multiple healer characters. But then, I've also maxxed out the character limit for the game, so I kind of have multiples of everything.

Dave Kosak talks quest design in Cataclysm {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 3:29PM Good to know I'm not the only one, that was one of my favorite parts of Hyjal.

Heart of the Aspects video and giveaway {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 10:11AM *crosses fingers*

Take the WoW Ironman Challenge {WoW}

Feb 7th 2012 12:41PM This actually sounds like a lot of fun. I've been needing a new approach to the game and this seems like it would make for a totally new kind of experience.

I might give it a shot once I get my new computer put together, could double as a stress test of sorts to see just what the new system runs the game like on max settings. :D

Third faction or logistical nightmare? {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2012 7:58PM @Hob - That's not actually true. It's pretty explicitly laid out in quests both prior to and following Cataclysm (which, if they wanted to retcon this, that would have been the time to do it) that their plague was always intended to be used on the living as well as the undead.

In the Arthas book, Sylvanas flat out states in no uncertain terms that she intends to use the blight to wipe out humanity, for the sole reason that they're the race that spawned Arthas. It's very clearly part of her revenge plan, something that she is both aware of and ordering to be made specifically for that purpose.

As to the Wrathgate, Arthas was A target, yes, but he wasn't the only one. "Death to the Scourge, AND death to the living", remember?

It's absolutely not a case of "whoops, turns out this stuff kills you guys too". The only thing anywhere that makes that claim is what Sylvanas and Forsaken tell the rest of the Horde, and they're very obviously lying about it.

Third faction or logistical nightmare? {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2012 3:53PM @Edymnion - That's a gross simplification of events, and it really drives me nuts to see this argument dragged out again and again.

The Forsaken, upon formation as a group, declared pre-emptive strike against presumed enemies (both in direct attacks and a very quick decision to begin work on the means to eradicate humanity from the world, a decision which, keep in mind, had nothing to do with humanity's reaction to the Forsaken), which quickly became a self-fulfilling prophecy as the Alliance responded in kind by deciding they weren't any different than the scourge they came from (and had little to no reason to react any other way based on things the Forsaken themselves were doing). Would the Alliance have accepted them back in if things had gone differently? Maybe not, but it's pretty clear that Sylvanas had no intention of even trying to get the Forsaken to buddy up with their living counterparts, so it's hard to say. It's a much more complicated issue than just writing it off as "humans are racist". There's just as much anecdotal evidence at this point in the game to say that the Alliance would have eventually been at least okay with them (if not necessarily liking them, but then the Horde don't particularly like them either) than there is to say that they wouldn't have.

Blood Elves, on the other hand, did get a worse hand dealt to them in that regard, and are the victims of a string of disastrously handled situations by specific portions of the Alliance (the Blood Elves' hands aren't entirely clean, but the blame does lie much more on the Alliances' heads), but even that comes down to a bit more complicated of an issue than simply "omg ew we don't like you go away", and that's handled actually pretty well within the Blood Elves' own starting zone, where the situation degrades from distrust on both sides between the Blood Elves and the Alliance to open hostility between the two.

Then, there's Gilneas, who has had it's issues with Stormwind and Lordaeron in the past, attacked by Horde forces and succumbing to a curse that the Night Elves feel at least partially responsible for and take steps to make amends and help them regain control. After some political strife, the Worgen are accepted into the Alliance, their history with the old Alliance, their new ties with the Night Elves, and common enemies coming into play to strengthen that decision.

The only way your reading of the situation works is if you strip every intricacy of the story down to "these guys look like monsters, how do you react?" and warp the story into nothing but a Humans Are Bastards trope, which, while the Alliance in general and Humans in specific aren't entirely innocent of that, you'll be hard pressed to find a race in the game that isn't the Draenei (who barely get any play and so never get a chance to), the Gnomes (who likewise never really get the chance to due to being little more than comic relief in the story), or the Tauren (provided you ignore the Grimtotem) who haven't been in the same boat at least an equal amount.