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Nov 24th 2009 1:00PM Pick me please

WoW, Casually: Deciding to raid as a parent {WoW}

Nov 11th 2009 10:35PM I have been a long time reader at although I have never felt the desire to comment on any previous topics - generally I simply read the article, some of the comments and continue on.

I have just recently (yesterday in fact) let my account expire due to upcoming family commitments and the fact that I do not feel that I will have enough time in the near future to set aside to consistently make it through a full raid and/or dungeon - even with many of the dungeons being 30 mins or less now... Some of the comments about it all being about time management are absolute garbage!

My situation - I have a 13 month old son at home now and my wife is pregnant with twins - due at the end of this year. With one child I was able to take some of my free time and log on to my character and run various raids/dungeons/quest/etc while my son was asleep or the wife was taking care of him. But with three infants at home there will be absolutely no way that I can guarantee I'll be able to have thirty uninterupted minutes to myself - and I hate disappointing 4, 9 or 24 other gamers that were hoping to spend some time downing bosses.

As a result, I feared that my playing time would be limited to Battlegrounds (taking a number of AFK breaks which I don't like because it hurts my team - on an aside BG's are annoying in that they allow AFKers to farm honor anyway but that's another topic entirely), WG and solo questing when I get the chance...

If anyone is in a similar situation and has some suggestions - by all means shoot me an email, but for now I will say I truly enjoyed playing WoW since before TBC and will continue to read to see the changes that come in the following patches and expansions for my own curiosity.

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