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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 deploys 'Map Pack 4' {Joystiq}

Jul 7th 2010 10:41AM @Bananarama i play BC2 every night, so yes, I know the difference, and I still think this is BS calling this a map pack.

at least with MW2, the map packs are putting in content that ARE NOT OTHERWISE IN MW2 already. MW1 and MW2 are different games. i don't care to pay a little extra to get old good maps from a DIFFERENT game in a new game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 deploys 'Map Pack 4' {Joystiq}

Jul 7th 2010 9:40AM @Bananarama Nope. It's still totally lame. This is more egregious than Modern Warfare 2 repackaging maps from the first MW game. There's really no good way that can be seen.

Editorial: ESPN bypasses corporate red tape with iPad and Xbox 360, wannabe innovators should take note {Engadget}

Jun 12th 2010 4:45PM Allthat wonderful technology, and they still can't figure out how to get rid of Joe Morgon? Sad times. :(

J Allard leaving Microsoft over Courier axing? {Engadget}

May 21st 2010 1:50PM Huge mistake to lose J Allard. He's the reason the Xbox and Xbox Live havoebeen so successful.

Review: Gorgeous Small World app shows board games can be great on the iPad {}

May 6th 2010 9:36PM I'm hoping for Dominion for iPad!

But I'll settle for an iPad-specific version of Lux DLX.

Plastic Logic up for sale even though its QUE proReader isn't? (Updated: Investor confirms neither are for sale) {Engadget}

Apr 6th 2010 9:36AM @Atkins It's like the article says, it's not about the display tech itself. It's about the underlying platisc semiconductor tech. I predict a bidding war.

First look: LogMeIn Ignition on iPad {}

Apr 5th 2010 5:21PM i'm a huge fan of LogMeIn and Ignition will be one of my first purchases when my 32 gig WiFi+3G iPad comes in.

Four reasons I'm not waiting for a 3G iPad {}

Mar 26th 2010 12:59AM I've got a WiFi+3g 32 on preorder. GPS is a requirement for me. ONe of my first post-iPad purchases is going to be Navigon MyRegion.

Typing 'cadence' used to identify authorized database users, lock everyone else out {Engadget}

Feb 20th 2010 2:45PM Reminiscent of the unique "fist" of morse code/radio/telegraph whatever operators in WWII, as referenced in a section of Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.