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Shifting Perspectives: 5 observations from a reluctant battleground healer {WoW}

Nov 12th 2009 7:37PM As a resto shaman, I know chain heals are pretty bomb for group battles, unfortunately there is no way in hell I can beat a resto druid. I will say that in a BG, if the opposing team has 2+ resto druids, they're almost guaranteed to win. Being able to run around and toss formidable heals on everyone around is SUCH a pain in the ass, and most of my mana goes to purging as many as possible. The fact that a DPS can run up to me and keep me pretty much silenced when I try to throw big heals, gets really annoying when it takes 2 dps + a purger to kill a tree. I'm currently leveling a druid who I hope to go resto with, and maybe if I ever feel like being incredibly irritating, I might just pvp with her.