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The Queue: I need to hug a bunny right now! {WoW}

Jul 18th 2011 2:42PM Mike used to be this loveable, sweet-smelling hair kinda guy. Now he's EEEE-VIL. I don't think California argrees with him.

The Queue: BlixCon 2011 {WoW}

Jul 1st 2011 3:09PM Q4tQ: Is my Winterspring Cub actually getting bigger as I accumulate whiskers, or is it just my imagination. If so, how cute is that?


The Queue: You rang? {WoW}

Jun 26th 2011 2:40PM I was actually guessing that Orgrimmar and Stormwind would actually be finished /repaired in a 4.x patch kind of like the Argent Tournament started out as under construction and then was completed in the subsequent patch.

My little brain when even further and I thought that quest chains for Sentinel Hill and Andorhal would be added to put out the fires and finish up the battle for the city.

While I love the 81-85 zones, the 1-60 game is so fantastic to me that I hope the designers give it a little more love in this expansion. I most likely will have my account full of 60th level characters by the next expansion.

The Queue: Ancient memes for ancient connections {WoW}

Jun 24th 2011 4:18PM Q for Mike: Northern or Southern CA?

The Queue: The middle coast is the best coast {WoW}

May 31st 2011 8:11PM Hi Queue,

I saw the list of purchaseable loot from the 4.2 unlockable daily vendors in Hyjal. Any scuttlebutt regarding whether herilooms will be purchaseable with Marks of the World Tree? The main article mentioned they work like Champion Seals.

Also, for my crafting alts, will Chaos Orbs go tradeable in this next patch, or not until 4.3?


The Queue: Tanks {WoW}

May 2nd 2011 12:44AM Hi Queue,

I'm enjoying what 4.1 has to offer, but I'm wondering if you think we'll have to wait about the same amount of time (4-5 months from Cata launch) for 4.2? I recall hearing about a more patches faster approach this expansion.


The Queue: Lore questions? Oh, boy! {WoW}

Feb 9th 2011 8:50PM When will Choas Orbs be allowed to be traded on the AH?

Lunar Festival starts tomorrow {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2011 2:16PM Cooking is only Orgrimmar rep. Didn't remember correctly. Sorry.

Lunar Festival starts tomorrow {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2011 2:00PM Having the same problem on the Horde side with my Death Knight. He's only exalted with Undercity because I ran back to do all the lowbie quests.

I'm not noticing the 25% spillover either, but not 100% sure that it's kicked in yet levelwise.

I'm going to try the cooking daily to test this out. Seems like "Horde" (or Alliance) rep gains aren't going to all subfactions. Hmm.

Breakfast Topic: What makes a leveling spec work for you? {WoW}

Jan 9th 2011 1:39PM Same for me. D&D influence still in full effect. Luckily, my prot pali is my main. I leveled with a friend who is an assassination rogue, so that made killing faster.

Here's where I go over the edge though: someday before WoW goes offline I hope to have 30 max level characters one for each class/spec!