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Patch 4.0.6 PTR notes updated for Jan. 12 {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 1:50AM "Preparation no longer resets the cooldown of Evasion."

I'm glad I'm done leveling because that saved me more times then I can count.

Tuesday Morning Post: There's treasure inside {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 10:12AM Yay free stuff, still disappointed didn't get anything in the winter vail giveaway.

The Daily Quest: Uldum and other uproar {WoW}

Jan 7th 2011 10:38AM I really don't see what the big deal is, while I didn't find most of it funny (except the quest where you brought 8 of something for the gobbles quest and it turned out he needed nine and he started shouting it.) Half the quests helping him were supposed to be you figuring out that they were nazi's, given it was pretty obvious.

All in all I would put it right before both the rambo quest zones which was even better then indiana jones quests.

Breakfast Topic: What's the best new quest of the expansion? {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2011 11:13AM I loved the whole rambo feel, both at redridge and later in when he pops back up considering how redridge ended lol.

The Queue: Wake up {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2011 11:39PM I think running wild looks pretty cool myself.... I like Blizz mixing it up a bit and keeping each new race feeling somewhat unique.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 12: PNY 128GB SSD harddrive {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2011 9:16AM this is about the only way ill ever get one lol