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RIP, CompUSA: 1984 - 2008 {Engadget}

Dec 8th 2007 12:01AM I HATED these guys. Karma sucks doesnt it. I remember how they would constantly deny my TAP plan for my laptop saying that I had opened my laptop when they were the ones that did and forgot to reseal it. I would rather be shot point blank than buy anything at that store ever again. They lied about their warranty plans being no questions asked.... Yeah i remember wasting a good hour explaining whats wrong with my product and they still refused it.

Fanswag Weekly: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [update] {Joystiq Xbox}

Nov 9th 2007 10:39AM :D gimmie gimmie i want this game so bad

EA's 360 revenue trumps all other consoles combined {Joystiq Xbox}

Nov 8th 2007 1:15PM give us exclusives then thanks

Rock Band kiosks being installed at Best Buy {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 31st 2007 3:16PM doesnt anybody hate that this isnt ALL wireless. next gen my arse

Team Fortress 2 receiving much needed patch {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 16th 2007 3:36PM gimmie the patch now!

Assassin's Creed gameplay video in three parts {Joystiq}

Oct 12th 2007 9:08PM I think the game looks amazing. Sure the combat kinks are there but how do you realistically think you can fight 10 guys at once?