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The Daily Grind: Tokens or luck? {Massively}

Jan 28th 2010 10:21AM /agree with Heraclea - hate when I'm in ICC25 and win a 264 something or other vs my current 245's / 251's, (or worse yet, in ICC10 when I win a 251 vs a 245, which is so minor of an upgrade, I often pass) when other folks in the group still have 232's or worse in that slot. In fact, I oftentimes will pass, even in pugs, if I see that the people rolling against me could really use the upgrade much more than I could, (not always, of course - too many times, and I'll be bumped from raids for being undergeared, but sometimes).

Would feel much better if I could cascade my stuff down, so I get my 264 if I win it, but could then pass my 245/251 down to the next highest, etc. Not only would help the group out much more than me sharding the old, but more importantly, I think would help add more to a sense of community / pleasantness than the current system, as it wouldn't be an all-or-nothing affair, and if anything is needed more in MMO's, (or the Internet, in general) it's something to reinforce smiles / pleasantness! :)

As to the badges themselves, is a toughie. On the one hand, (usually at the top end of the game, so Triumph pre-3.3, Frost now) it's a nice way of seeing that -eventually- you get something, with a rough target of probably one high-end piece every month or so if just running dailies, which won't really keep you competitive in higher-end raids, but at least gives you something now and again to keep you from being entirely marginalized if you're having a hard time getting into raids, (as my rogue currently is).

On the other hand, just dinged 80 with a new priesty two or three weeks ago. She's never been in a raid yet, and is already decked out in 4pc T9,(232) + a 232 staff. And while on the one hand, I'm very grateful that by the new deflation of the value of triumph badges, she can now be made ready for higher end raids just by personal effort, (i.e. running heroics / the new ICC 5-mans) it does, honestly, feel wrong - it took my rogue a couple of months to get 2pc T8 & 2pc T9, (not to mention weapons, which you still can't buy - got one Black Knight's Rondel after months of running H-ToC everyday, and never did manage to get a 2nd after another few months, for pvp) and my priesty just walks in, throws a pile of triumph badges on the counter like they're nothing, and says "I'll take two."

Ah well, s'pose as long as they keep boosting ilvls as significantly as they do in new content, (232->251's for 10's, 245->264's in 25's) guess the badge system needs to be in place to make sure everyone's geared, (/stays on the heroin.. ;) )

Encrypted Text: The sun is fine after recent rogue nerfs {WoW}

Jan 14th 2010 9:08AM My main's a rogue, and though I still kind of like her, (probably mostly residual from -loving- her before) I think what makes all this 3.3 and later Blizz messing with rogues so painful to those of us who -loved- being Muti rogues pre-3.3, (when, for well over a year, "rogue damage is right where we want it" according to continued Blizz comments) is exactly what Jam said - they took a spec that actually required signficant practice and, dare I say it, skill, (note: limited to WoW definitions of skill) to do well - commonly watching and working, (DPS side only, so not including Tricks, Kicks or Disarms, which remain the same):

- 4-5 Short DPS Timers - SnD, Rupture, Deadly Poison, Envenom & Expose if you don't have Sunder
- 1 Long DPS Timer - HfB
- Having to work around a GCD for weapon swapping or you lost your DP stack.
- Risk balancing to see if you wanted to try to squeeze in another particular situational attack when some of the timers got tight for even more dps, knowing that you risked losing a lot if it failed.

and with 3.3, -entirely- killed it, turning it into a straight 1-1-2-1-1-2 spec, so that now -anyone- can get ridiculous numbers as a muti rogue without the months of practice that used to be required.

Then, when -everyone's- getting those kind of numbers, (instead of just the few rogues who really worked very hard to be able to get them) rather than just agreeing that they actually made a mistake in playing with rogues in the first place in 3.3 rather than just leaving us alone, and resetting to pre-3.3 muti, where all muti rogues could do -decently- without practice, but would need a lot more work to really do what their spec was capable of, they just decided to start taking damage away from everybody by playing with other entirely unrelated-to-the-problem-they-caused-with-3.3-changes dials.

So, let's see - before, you did -decently- until you really got good at your class, and only -then- did you do -awesomely-, (imagine that - a solid version of class output while learning, which many will never excel beyond, but only an extraordinary one when you actually have the desire / do the work / spend the time on) and now you both can forget any sense of pride from skill in the numbers you achieve, (they're pure gear now) and -bonus- you get to have your damage reduced not once, but twice. Brilliant recipe to keep skilled muti rogues wanting to keep playing them.

Glad to see we're still top of the heap in the fights we're -supposed- to be top of the heap in, but honestly, for me, as much as I used to -love-, (not like, -love-) playing muti, were my rogue not my only really high-quality-raiding-ready char, I'd probably hang her up - going from how fun she was to play to just spamming 1-1-2 while hearing just about everyday now that another nerf is coming, just makes me sad.

Addon Spotlight: RankWatch {WoW}

Jan 8th 2010 10:31AM Strangely enough, I just went through this issue with my priesty yesterday, and for some reason, though I always thought macros used the highest level if not specified, (and that's been my experience with every other macro) my Penance macro would not use Rank 2, (she's 74) until I explicitly set it to do so, (and now will have to keep an eye on).

Long story short, if you don't use this addon, make sure to mouseover those macroed abilities, too, now and again, just to make sure.

Drama Mamas: That Guy {WoW}

Dec 4th 2009 3:36PM Agree with this, and though it may not make you entirely comfortable, if he doesn't respond after the discussion, I'd think carefully about which I like better - enjoying a rage-free raid, (or, *gasp* game) or being with your hubby when in Hyde-mode. Am betting it's the former...

Also, to further what jrizutko said, I'm sorry, but this kind of behavior is just not acceptable, even in-game, and even less so when it's someone significant in your life that unfortunately you can't just /ignore. We all have times when our anger gets hotter, when we're feeling additional stress, etc, (I certainly know I do) but if Hubby is in a place where he can't seem to find his way out, it sounds like it's at least time to separate your gaming efforts. One person who behaves like that consistently, I don't care who s/he is, can suck all of the fun out of your game in no time flat.

Good luck!

The Colosseum: Celestior of Mal'Ganis {WoW}

Nov 29th 2009 8:54PM WTB a pvp realm in Stormstrike without idiots like this.

Drama Mamas: Time to man up {WoW}

Nov 21st 2009 8:49AM I'm sorry, I've now read both of these articles by the Drama Mamas, and I guess I just don't understand the chilly behavior they continue to exhibit with males playing female characters, (and, by logical extension, the reverse). I play both male and female characters, and you know what, I strongly prefer playing the female ones, as female ones even in a non-RP context, for some very simple reasons:


1) I try very hard to be a caring and supportive person.
2) I hate watching professional sports, (love playing, but could never, for the life of me, understand the attraction of just sitting and watching) and can't stand the associated expectation of always wanting to have a discussion about "So, what'd you think about the game last night?" or "What'd you think about that trade [Team A] made?"
3) There is nothing I'd rather do than spend time with my two daughters.
4) I do all the cooking in my house.

Guess what - put those four together and see how many odd looks / awkwardly-dying conversations from both men and women you get to have over the course of your life if, like me, you're male, (can't even begin to relate the general coldness and continual eyes-on-you I used to get from mothers when I would take my kids to the playground during the day when they were a bit younger - in fact, it was the IRL version of the Drama Mamas writing on this subject - "What are you doing here? / Why are you doing this? You're not supposed to be here / doing this").

So, maybe, just maybe, there are those of us who play female characters because it actually gives us a chance to be what we really are - pleasant, supportive, uplifting-to-others type folks, (to more than just our spouses and kids) and WoW provides us a place where we can be just that via the now-logical connection to the female toon, where our presence helps to:

1) Keep the cursing / sexual innuendos down during a raid / WG match, (with pleasant reminders, of course, for PG / PG-13 raids! :) ) so we can actually focus on - oh, I don't know - what we're actually working on?
2) Cheer folks up after that last wipe / Keep loss, and feel good about themselves again.
3) Make that environment as comfortable as possible for females to also be able enjoy themselves, (as a father of two girls, especially important to me).

Hmmm... yep - really hate it when those kinds of things get added to group environments, so time to come clean, All - grab your beers, proudly fire off a belch and some gas and call out "Get me Food, Woman!" Genius...