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Breakfast Topic: How do you dodge certain guildmates for heroics? {WoW}

Sep 14th 2011 8:33AM I try to avoid the LFD tool if possible. Most of the time we'll just need to pug 1 or 2 DPS, and if I can't find anyone in guild or on the friends list we'll use it.

Unfortunately it has become "cool" for the kids to queue up and be total jerks.

I'm not afraid to stop and help someone. Be it rotation, boss explanation etc. No reason to be rude and act like a jackass. I wouldn't behave that way in real life, so why would I need to act that way in a video game?

Know Your Lore: The Kor'kron, fists of the Warchief {WoW}

Sep 8th 2011 9:30AM Lok'tar ogar! Victory or death - it is these words that bind me to the Horde. For they are the most sacred and fundamental of truths to any warrior of the Horde.

I give my flesh and blood freely to the Warchief. I am the instrument of my Warchief's desire. I am a weapon of my Warchief's command.

From this moment until the end of days I live and die - For the Horde!

Breakfast Topic: A week with new threat {WoW}

Aug 25th 2011 8:29AM I've been tanking more. Threat changes aren't really noticeable to me, then again I never had threat problems before... This is not counting the warriors who charge as soon as I pull or the hunter who attacks whatever they want(with no misdirects). They can still pull threat if they blow up a mob before I get a HotR off. In those cases I generally forget where my taunt button is >:)

I have noticed it's a bit easier when I queue with my DK(dw frost) I don't have to give the tanks as much lead time on a mob now :)

Patch 4.3: Deathwing, cosmetic armor skins, and armor storage {WoW}

Aug 17th 2011 8:41AM Yay void storage! Now if we could get that fly-out tabard menu(like portals or totems), that would be awesome.

Wasn't too big on the whole armor appearance change, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I just hope you don't have to own the piece before you can change your armor to look like it.

Would have really rather seen a WotA raid, but a 5 man is better than nothing. Unless all 3 of these 5mans are related to WotA, all at a different point in the war...

Dev Watercooler: Ghostcrawler discusses massive changes to threat {WoW}

Aug 16th 2011 2:17PM All I see is "Bad players don't want to learn how to play their classes, so we made the game easier! Again."... I will never understand why people can't take 5 minutes to visit a forum, read a guide or even ask someone else in game about their class. There are so many great resources out there!
I've tanked since level 60, through BC, loLK, and now Cata. I can't honestly say threat has ever really been an issue. If the dps can't wait 2 seconds before smashing their faces into their keyboards, let them die.
I would also argue the current fight mechanics are no harder than anything in the past, and you're not really doing more now than in the past either. Picking up adds? Not a problem. Standing in stuff? Don't stand there. Boss is casting something and your dps is too focused on recount to interrupt, so interrupt it! Everyone has like 9 interrupts these days. How is this hard?

Oh well, guess it doesn't really affect me. Guess I'm just turning into a cranky old man, NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!

Breakfast Topic: What would you like to see implemented in WoW? {WoW}

Aug 8th 2011 8:36AM Better armor design. It would seem that adding some horns/tusks/skulls to some drab earth-tone lump is good enough for some...

A rating/reputation system for the LFG tool. That way low rated players can sit in the queue for 45 minutes, and get placed with a group that behaves just like they do! Although no system would ever be perfect and some people will just abuse the system.

More storage for players. I like the idea of a fly-out menu for tabards, this type of menu would also be pretty cool for mounts and companions.

Breakfast Topic: After you gank, do you rub it in? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2011 11:02AM Said it yesterday on the ganking guide to the Molten Front - I don't gank anyone, and if I'm ganked I usually won't retaliate, unless this behavior takes place. There is no reason for it. If I am ganked/attacked and win then the opponent will get a /bow and I'll go on about my merry way.

Encrypted Text: How to run the Molten Front {WoW}

Jul 21st 2011 9:04AM It is my policy not to gank or grief while on my Rogue. Guess that makes me a CareBear. Hate when it happens to me, so do unto others... If I am ganked I usually let it slide(carebear stare!), unless it happens twice or they sit there and spam emotes pr teabag. Then it's game on. Had to make an example out of a hunter the other day, ganked me at half health, felt it was necessary to /spit on me and then /lol my corpse - ended up killing him 9 times before he finally gave up and left. Had some pretty good brawls with that one :) Normally after once or twice they'll leave, however he was a persistent one.

People not helping is certainly true. Though if I see a fellow faction member being attacked I'll usually help them, unless I witness them trying to gank someone with mobs on them or something.

Breakfast Topic: What WoW character would you like to have coffee with? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2011 9:09AM If it's limited to figure who have died, I'd really enjoy sitting with Cairne. If not I'd like to sit and talk with Korialstrasz or possibly Velen.

Although I'd rather feast and drink with High Overlord Saurfang, Broxigar, Grom and Garrosh Hellscream, Thrall, also Vol'Jin. That would be a good time. Eating, drinking, battle stories, drinking, probably a few lok'vadnods, cleaving, etc...

Reader UI of the Week: Peripherals take center stage with Steppinrazor's UI {WoW}

Jul 13th 2011 9:13AM If you want to see the Nostromo and Naga in action look for Swifty on youtube :) He has a couple really nice review vids for them both.