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Your iPhone is silently and constantly logging your location [updated] {}

Apr 20th 2011 3:35PM I think the file can be accessed remotely on jailbroken phones with the default root credentials, but phones running stock OS 4.x are inaccessible.

Does Thunderbolt fortell the end of the line for the Mac Pro as we know it? {}

Apr 20th 2011 12:30PM I like the concept as well- I'm already drooling over an imaginary external Video card module with 6xDisplayPort connections running an array of a half dozen 30" Cinema displays. With the speed of thunderbolt surpassing internal SATA, I think we are going to see some really cool innovations over the next few years.

Adult Swim looks to release one mobile game a month {}

Apr 18th 2011 11:15PM While I rarely play for more than 5 minutes, the art and music in Robot Unicorn Attack is top notch.

Quicksilver appears to be coming back from the dead {}

Apr 18th 2011 4:31PM You are right- further investigation uncovered the fact that I installed Office 2011 on the root level of my HDD, as opposed to the Application Folder (no idea why I did that). Once I moved it over to applications, Alfred picked it up properly.

Quicksilver appears to be coming back from the dead {}

Apr 18th 2011 4:14PM I switched to Alfred as well, but the ability to look up partial app names/initials was sorely missed (type Word into Alfred, get no app results, since Word is actually called Microsoft Word; or typing du for disk utility). Going back to Quicksilver right now :)

TUAW's Daily App: Great Little War Game {}

Apr 11th 2011 8:30AM Fun TBS game, played it for a few days before I got sucked into Battleheart, will def go back after battleheart gets stale.

Arkansas to get its first Apple Retail Store {}

Apr 6th 2011 7:26PM I was crushed as a child when I learned that Arkansas was not pronounced R-kansas, but instead Ar-kin-SAW. (Yes, I was an easily crushable child).

No Comment: Dell exec dismisses iPad, can't count {}

Mar 30th 2011 4:46PM "Nobody buys the low-end models..."

One of our clients purchased 90 base-model (16GB, Wifi only) iPads to use instead of 500+ page binders at Board meetings. No accessories, no individual cases, no apps. (We did end up getting 4 large Pelican cases though to haul them all):

ScreenFloat, a great productivity booster for Mac {}

Mar 16th 2011 10:25AM There is a 15 day free trial version on the developer's web site.

Could the iPad 2 replace traditional video game consoles? {}

Mar 15th 2011 10:59AM I think the TV is a more likely candidate for a converged media/gaming device to take on traditional consoles. Moving it to iOS was step one.