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Shifting Perspectives: The state of feral raid DPS in patch 4.2 {WoW}

Sep 5th 2011 12:19AM Nice article, but one thing you didn't mention was the HUGE benefit to kitties of the new tank threat. Cats (and Fury warriors) were the class with the biggest problems with threat throttling prior to the change. Now that we don't have to worry about pulling, our dps can be significantly improved just by doing what we do faster and harder.

Sure the other classes get the benefit too, but cats in my opinion get the biggest benefit due to our long ramp-up time. Negating the threat throttle means we can get our dots n buffs up faster, ravage with TF without having to worry in the first 5 seconds, and proceed to shred the crap outta stuff while popping berserk early so we can get in 2 berserks per fight.

All melee are at a disadvantage in this tier, but the threat problems (especially with pally and warrior tanks) were really holding us back more than others. Now that they've fixed it, we're back where we should be: middle of the pack for melee dps. I'm happy enough with that.

Mastery bonus in Cataclysm to encourage proper gear choices {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 10:51PM i don't like it. they're simplifying stats to make the choices easier for noobs, basically. so that idiot huntards don't accidentally roll on gear with strength and haste on it just because it's higher iLvl than what they're wearing. the strategy makes sense, to some extent, to ease the pain of the enhance shammy who really could've used that gear.

but ... there's a whole other level of player out there, who actually enjoys the complicated decisions on gear choices. i mean, they could take it one step further and just put "rogue" on each piece of rogue gear, etc. but what would be the fun of that? where's the fun in having every piece of gear have exactly the stats you want most, and nothing else?

i wish they'd go the exact opposite direction in fact. why not just put totally random stats on gear, and maybe just give a few more drops? you'd end up with a lot more variety among toons; it would be very difficult to have every piece with only the "right" stats and no others. so everyone would be at varying levels of geared-ness.

you'd see plenty of holy pallies wearing cloth, but so what? in each 5man, there's only 1 healer. if healing gear drops, who cares if it's cloth and the pally healer takes it??

so here's my suggestions:

1. instead of simplifying the stats on gear, let's go the opposite direction: add 4 or 5 MORE stats, that may or may not be interesting to different classes.

2. instead of homogenizing each class & spec, allow for a lot MORE flexibility by giving stats that are semi-important, and a much wider range of possibilities for stats on gear.

3. for tanks, give us more choices between health, threat and defensive stats. right now parry's about the worst stat possible for a tank, haste is almost as useless, and arpen can't be useful because there's no way to get enough of it to make a difference. so it just boils down to: def cap, then stack stamina. c'mon - that's the gayest choice ever invented.

4. do away with "caps." balancing all your gear around the hit cap is not interesting or fun. if all stats give some bonus at all levels (though of different values), all choices are more interesting.

5. arpen scales too well. don't design stats that scale exponentially. just silly.

6. all stats could have diminishing returns. this would make side-stats more interesting at higher gear levels. (not sure how to give mages a small benefit from strength, but.. i'm sure it could be done).

7. mastery sounds like an awful idea. yeah, let's create a stat that equals basically = "betterness." that way, any thinking or decision-making required in making gear choices is completely unnecessary.

Blood Pact: Meet the minions, part 3 - the succubus and crowd control, page 2 {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 4:27AM you forgot enslave demon. my favorite spot in the game for a lock used to be mechanar (esp. heroic mech). There were groups of 5 demons and a human. One lock could handle 4 of them. :P

enslave one
use enslaved one to tank another one
banish one
fear one

/press iwin button.