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Officers' Quarters: Cross-server LFG and you {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 12:36PM I don't know if this change is the answer, but at present when I have to PUG it makes me wonder why I play this game at all.

The typical PUGer just wants the damn run over as soon as possible. Usually everyone in the group is completely silent apart from the odd "faster plz" and "more dps". As the general level of kit has escalated, heroics are generally easymode. Hence every and any death is met with "ffs", " and wtf?!!??" comments, flinging blame around to all corners. Often this seems to come from people gearing alts who have forgotten that this is supposed to be a challenge (and fun because of it) as they are so used to facerolling with their main who probably vastly out gears all heroics. Free epics plox, now, and heaven help us if the team that doesn't out gear the instance by a mile - where people might have to, you know, think, or not stand in the fire, or help the tank out by hitting the skull.

Personally, I miss the old BC days when heroic instances were pretty hard and it was unusual (noteworthy) to go through a run without any deaths at all. Everyone _had_ to work together - you couldnt just dps flat out as the tank was spreading their threat around 5-6 mobs and you would likely pull then get one/two shoted. You had to focus fire, follow the tank, cc, help the healer by moving... Now its just a remorseless pursuit of badges in the least possible amount of time with some added shouting.

My personal solution has been to give up PUGing unless its absolutely necessary. I have 5 RL friends in my guild and will run stuff when they're on - we often 3 man heroics without a problem, although it takes a while. And you know what, its actually FUN because its hard.

Having just re-read what I've written, I actually doubt i'll ever use this new system - PUGing is just too unpleasant and the increased anonymity will just encourage even more vile conduct. Until there is some mechanism for dealing with this in game, i'll ignore the MMO side of the game as much as possible and stick with my guildies.