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Shifting Perspectives: The joy of panic {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 3:43PM I do not play a bear. I do not pretend to know this stuff. In fact the highest level druid I've had was 17.

That said, I used to tank on a blood DK in Wrath. Thanks to the interaction of talents, Armor was king (in my mind, based on my desired play style). Stamina was certainly Queen or Crown Prince or something. I sought armor rating like nobody's business. Stamina was what I gemmed for and enchanted when there wasn't a decent armor enchant. My guild said I was good, but we never got a raid going properly, so hard to say. Other healers in dungeons said I was good, but this was lol Wrath heroics I'm talking about, so again, hard to say.

Having said all of that, you pointed out the mastery which is an increase of armor by X%. I can't help but wonder if bears will be the tanks with the paradigm of making bonus armor rating useful. Stamina is still great, but you will have to use your survival abilities more or less any time there is heavy spell damage (or really heavy damage period).

If this is true, then you will feel squishy as they iron out how fights work and how much of a bonus you get from mastery. It's no longer absorb damage and magical damage often bypasses armor completely, so it is definitely more work to survive.

Of monks, mains, and the ability to change {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 11:08PM I have a Shaman who is my main. I take him raiding, I use him to heal an instance afterwards to cool down because healing the new five mans is just -fun- for me.

Now don't get me wrong, my hunter is a mighty hunter. He has crazy fun with engineering and he is industrious in building any gadgets for my others.

I'm currently having crazy fun leveling a priest. I've always been curious what it's like to heal as a priest, and it's been rather enlightening. I hope to reach max level soon and maybe raid, but he's a learner. I enjoy healing, and he lets me do that when I don't feel like being on my shaman.

I also have a DK I'm about to dust off from his work making glyphs and level the rest of the way to 85. He was a cool tank if I wanted to lead the pack from that angle, but I haven't tanked since Wrath, so I've been a bit leery in that regard.

I have a couple of other toons, but they are all workers to support my lifestyle. I have a bank alt that purchased an embersilk dress and monocle and diamond tipped cane. That's just how I roll.

But that Shaman? Man, he's awesome. Totally cool. Laid back as Trolls are wont to do. 56 mounts and quite a few pets, but whatevs. Need a healer? That's cool, lemme help ya out. I don't top charts or nothing, but I assure you that you will live and we can all chill out again afterwards. Heck, my next goal is a mammoth so he can supply repairs and whatnot too. Yet when I'm on my own, I get to throw FROST SHOCK. In between that I can run and cast lightning. Running with scissors has nothing with running while trying to control pure electricity.

Still, I'm not in the beta and I'm watching that Monk. I love Kung Fu movies. I like the idea of the rogue, but detest the playstyle. I want that cool guy just sittin around enjoying a beer, but will absolutely own you if you underestimate him. Not tricks, or swashbuckling, or stealth either. I want to punch that dragon in the face. He's versatile and chances are good that I will level one as tank/healer. To do that wearing leather? Sounds totally cool. If the class pans out to be as cool as it potentially could be, he may be cooler than my shaman. And that, my friends, says a whole lot.

Two Bosses Enter: Mannoroth vs. Lord Godfrey {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 10:38PM Look, I'm not saying that Mannoroth in a real battle wouldn't defeat Godfrey. The pit lord was only defeated by one who had drank his blood. I kind of assume it's kind of like Dragon Soul killing Deathwing. The only way to win is to cheat.

What I am saying is that we need to remember the rules of the ring:

All Mechanics are present. That, to me, implies that Varothen, Illidan, and Tyrande are present.

Assume about equal health and power. Now considering the mechanics, I will assume Mannoroth has insane health, but that's because the fight and the story of the fight are played out. This does not mean Mannoroth automatically roflstomps Godfrey. Mannoroth never really attacks the party and honestly, given the mechanics, I start to wonder how Mannoroth wins, because it takes a lot to lose in this fight.

Assume strategic thinking. And this is where Godfrey wins. Mannoroth's intelligence says "Moar daemonz" and while Godfrey may snub at the sword, he will have taken enough damage to at least throw the thing in a fit of "dang that hurt a lot, dumbass, you can have this back" and could probably output enough damage to kill him anyways.

Mists of Pandaria: Glyphmas 2012 for scribes is right around the corner {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 3:29PM One thing to remember is that NR =/= Book of Glyph Mastery. Chances are good that the 20 or so left to learn are all in Books. Unless something changed, 100% of NR results in a new glyph if there is one left to learn. I'm not sure, but it may be the case with minor also. Double check the source with wowhead or something.

Mists of Pandaria: Glyphmas 2012 for scribes is right around the corner {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 3:22PM If you look up a glyph on wowhead, you can see its item id. Then look at the item id of the glyphs in the beta. Those that match will translate.

For example: Glyph of Ambush is item 42955 in both beta and live. It is fairly safe to assume that if you make a Glyph of Ambush, it will still be a useful Glyph of Ambush after the translation.

Mists of Pandaria: Glyphmas 2012 for scribes is right around the corner {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 3:17PM In the previous Glyphmas, any glyphs that were no longer used turned into a grey item that sold to vendors for 10 silver or something. There really weren't that many, but there were some.

The Queue: That one drop {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 11:47AM I just want to say that when I first looked over the loot in the new heroics, I had just started playing my shaman again after a year playing other toons. I had not raided and I had completely missed the Zulroics, so his shoulders were ilvl 333. I farmed up enough gear to get in to the new heroics, but I really wanted those caster mail shoulders off the rogue in HoT. I straight farmed those instances, maxing VP plus enough JP to get something each week. Suddenly having no life, I started gearing my hunter while thinking, "knowing my luck, they'll drop for my hunter". Nope. I finally bought the 346 shoulders for JP, enchanted and reforged all my gear and hit LFR after a month. I did both halves of that for a three weeks and finally got LFR shoulders. Our casual guild finally had some people coming back to the game and we decide to do 10 man DS (By casual, we are now 4/8 normal). We were wiping on Zon'ozz last week and called it a night. To cool down and relax, I offered to run a heroic and another guildie wanted to go, but as healer for his shaman. His gear was only good enough that this was only the second or third time there. They dropped. I had 27 Benedictus kills on my stat sheet which means the rogue died at least 27 times without dropping those shoulders which had become a running gag for me.

Know Your Lore: The curious dissonance of Alliance leveling {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 11:25PM You know, it's funny to read about Southern Barrens and then see people comment about Sylvanas. And given the history of comments, it seems to me that Rossi's probably talking about Silverpine and Hillsbrad.

Now, the last time I quested through Silverpine, I noticed something. Nearly the entire first half of the zone is not just conquest, but fending of literally hundreds of Worgen. There is an alliance between these Worgen and those of Gilnaeas to fight the Forsaken. Then the Forsaken are attacked as refugees from Hillsbrad are turned to Worgen by those from Gilnaeas and come streaming across at us.

Sure, the Forsaken are there to conquer. Yet, they arrived to conquer by turning them to Forsaken. Many balk at this, but well, it's the Forsaken. How else are they really meant to do things? And also, if they aren't meant for this, the game will eventually lose the faction, ya know? It's unnatural, yet weirdly natural much like how many cultures die by forcible integration to an aggressor, ya know?

Anyways, they were there to conquer, but then this opposing force is obviously here to conquer as well, so they push back and try to invade.

What's interesting to note at this point, is that the Forsaken are pushed back by the Alliance. That whole kidnapping thing did not feel like it was meant to win Gilnaeas, but simply to call it done. The botched coup by Godfrey feels like the primary reason Gilnaeas is just a battleground now. Neither side got what they wanted so the battle continues.

As for Hillsbrad, I didn't finish it this time (though I have before), but it seems to me that just as those that looted Taurajo were not acting under orders, the whole of Southshore was overkill not completely under orders. Lots of the zone involves realizing some of those tasked with conquest have gone way too far and taking them out. We do it sort of lightheartedly, but there are also lots of quests that I have no idea why I agreed to them other than the fact that I knew some evil now would get me to the part where I overthrow them later.

In short, the Alliance seems as mad at Southshore as the Horde is at Taurajo, but since the Alliance doesn't get vengeance personally, they don't see those crazy people formerly associated with the Horde are now dead.

The Dragon Soul -- a post-mortem {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 8:09PM My guild has always been casual, so we are just now progressing in DS normal.

The only part that feels weird to me is taking flying mounts to two of the boss areas. I would have liked to fight the trash up to the boss rather than being dropped in and clear around the boss (especially given a 5man proves we can and have cleared a trail before). This is especially true of the all the tentacles and everything. You mean it's safe to be dropped in parachute over to this spot, but we do have to deal with this? Perfectly safe to hop in and out, but not safe to ignore despite the fact it won't move fast enough to really do anything? Uh, yeah.

I disagree with your outlook on Warmaster. The way I see it, when we defeat Ultraxion, two things occur. 1) We just defeated his secret weapon. Oh, crap, rite? 2) We blast him with the Dragon Soul and it hurts, a lot. OH CRAP I'M OUTTA HERE. When you defeat number two and hurt the boss, he's gonna turn tail and hide for a while until he can deal with you in some other way. We hadn't defeated everything or everybody, just his best. He knows he's in trouble, but all he has is these rejects. It's the classic, "hey, you've always been loyal now prove it by delaying them as long as you can (read: please go die) so I can get away" tactic. It's an appendix in the sense that you've already defeated the number two, but it's a transition fight as you chase number one. It's the lootship as it should have been in ICC. Real bosses, real issues/destruction, and it's all a delaying tactic where the lootship was a side event.

All raids involve a level of "learn mechanic, collect loot". People still run ICC and it's a joke, not only because we are level 85, but because half the raid knows the tricks and carries out the rest of the raid. I never did Ulduar, but if you feel a raid is not epic, it's something else to me and not the mechanic. Maybe you've over done this. I mean, some guilds may have run ICC several times a week, but there was no LFR to do when your raid hits a wall on progression. Before, you go to a previous raid or something to take a break from progression and now you are doing the same raid on easy mode.

Deathwing himself was kinda off to me too. I get he is big, but in the final thing encounter, I didn't even realize that was his head we were pewpewing because it didn't fit on the screen correctly. I just haven't properly seen that fight yet thanks to camera and scale. And I totally expected some human form to burp out of his mouth to lose the hulky skin and try to kill us personally since we kept interrupting his attacks on the Aspects. Call it cheesy all you want, but again, it took several weeks to realize what we were attacking and that that was all there is. I wanted something we could crowd around and finish than simply pushing his handhold off the ledge.

The only other thing I didn't like was the story of the 5mans. We time traveled all over the place only to give what we earn back to Thrall and then escort him to the Temple? That level of time travel just makes it all feel kinda wonky and hand wavey. The scenes and locations themselves were awesome though.

Phat Loot Phriday: Chen's Empty Keg {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 7:11PM I hope we find Chen and get a new keg in Pandaria.