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How to fix professions for Mists of Pandaria: An open letter to Blizzard {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 4:21PM i don't know about others, but i always thought it would be cool if you could breakdown gear into mats based on profession. Why do enchanters get the only bonus for crunching gear?
Also, being able to repair your own gear, or make an item (with cost) that does would be fun. Yes there is Jeeves,repair bots etc. But I'm referring more to a cloth/leather/mail/plate patch kit that i could make for myself, only for myself and have ready when i need and don't want to run back to town.

Patch 4.3: Rogue tier 13 is "Bat"man-inspired {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 1:30PM sorry, ill be using transmog on this one... brown and bright green? no thank you

Announcing the BlizzCon 2011 WoW Insider Reader Meetup co-hosted by Wowhead {WoW}

Sep 13th 2011 5:24PM woot, its all my favorite WoW sites, all at the same party!
Too bad i cant be there :(, but damn ill be watching!

It Came from the Blog server outage party {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 11:46PM and now, its 845PT and the battlegroups are down AGAIN!

ty blizz, ty