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WoW Moviewatch: Achievement Wh0re {WoW}

Nov 25th 2009 8:54PM I actually liked it. While I'm not for auto-tune, it was okay in this song. I hope Nation will actually sing for real if he plans on singing in any other songs. Even if it is not that great I'd rather that over a computerized version.

Props to them on doing what they love.

To all the people saying Gigi ruined it, maybe give some constructive critcism? Not trying to be rude or offend anyone and I'm not even sure if she comes to this site, but I know for a fact if this was me I wouldn't be feeling too good about reading a bunch of comments about how I ruin songs with no advice on how to not ruin them. I realize it's people's opinions, but as an artist myself, I know for a fact that critiques can go a long way and help people improve if they actually listen (or read in this case) to the advice. Going by her comments on her YouTube, I know she can take criticism well. :) Just my two cents.

I thought she was fairly good in this one. She needs practice, but it seems she has improved greatly.

Nation, as always, was good. I'm not too big on rap, but I have an open mind when listening to it and have been trying to get into the non-mainstream side of the genre, but I like what I hear from him whether it's related to WoW or not.