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Congrats to our Creative headset winners {WoW}

Dec 4th 2009 5:45PM Hey Mike, doesn't more than five (5) screenshots constitute making multiple entries?

You said, "The winning guild did send us a screenshot with the relic included, but they sent us a few screenshots of each place (the guildleader wanted to be cautious and make sure he had done it right), and this one was the better picture."

The rules said, "Entries consist of five (5) screenshots of different areas of the WoW game as defined by the riddles on the post. Limit one (1) entry per 25-man group. Only entries with the correct screenshots will be included in the random drawing."

Going by your statement and referencing the rules, it sounds like the winning guild made more than one entry.

Congrats to our Creative headset winners {WoW}

Dec 4th 2009 12:07PM On closer look, the WG screenshot (the one without the answer to the riddle present) may be the closest they get to having 25 bodies in any of the screenshots.

Congrats to our Creative headset winners {WoW}

Dec 4th 2009 11:47AM Is there a reason chose winners that didn't meet the contest requirements?

They have 15 (being generous here) in their Thunderfall screenshot. Directly from the rules: "What your guild/raid will need to do is a) get your guild or raid together, all 25 members. And then b) go and find all the places and take screenshots of your guild there..."

Their Wintergrasp screenshot is missing the actual answer to the riddle, which would be the relic that doesn't appear behind them. Would screenshots in Netherstorm have counted for the NOVA riddle? I mean, hey, it's close enough to the riddle answer, who cares that it's not actually by the shrine.