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Breakfast Topic: Who do you want to kill? {WoW}

Jan 11th 2010 8:58PM @Possum & Fletcher

Repetition doesn't necessarily equal stagnation. In fact, repetition can often, in writing, if used correctly, to really bring out or reinforce ideas and motifs. Of course there's a line for how many times something should be repeated and it all depends on the situation and circumstances, but just because Grom fell from grace and redeemed himself doesn't mean that Garrosh following in his father's footsteps is necessarily a bad thing. As long as he doesn't exactly mirror his father's example - of course there would be some degree of variation. This whole supposition would tie in well with the fact that orcs tend to take great pride in their lineage. Besides, Garrosh in general is already a step backward for the orcs. Here's hoping that, as with Grom, he's taking one step back and two steps forward.

And Fletcher, I agree that Saurfang would be an excellent choice for warchief but I'm not so sure Blizzard would go through with it. Saurfang has always been a loyal adviser and (relatively) humble warrior. I'm not saying it's not possible and I'm not saying I don't like the idea, but something in my gut feeling says Saurfang will not become the new warchief. I do believe though, that either Garrosh's reign will be short, or he will relatively quickly turn himself around.

Someone mentioned it elsewhere, but I think Rexxar would make an amazing warchief, despite being only half-orc. I like the idea of someone who exiled themselves, and wandered aimlessly for a time before grabbing the reigns of their people and leading them - we saw the same thing with Tirion and the Argent Crusade. Again, I don't think this will happen, but it would certainly be awesome.

Breakfast Topic: Who do you want to kill? {WoW}

Jan 9th 2010 10:12PM Okay everyone, we get it. You want to kill Garrosh. Everyone does.

Just wait on him though. There has to be a reason Blizzard is garnering this much hate against him. They have plans for him - give credit where credit is due, Blizzard is damn good at spinning a story. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go the same way his father went - dying in an honorable battle while at the same time redeeming himself from his years of douchebaggery. Maybe to save Varian or Jaina? Hmmm? Who knows what could drive him to do that, it would all depend on sheer circumstance and the questlines leading up to that.

As for who I'd like to about something different? A member of the Pantheon? You know, the guys who sent Algalon the Observer to judge us, and initially deemed we were fit for destruction? Maybe we convinced Algalon that we were totally cool and should be allowed to live, but what might happen when he comes back into the celestial office and is like "Yeah, 10 or 25 mortals kicked my ass so I didn't really fill my planetary genocide quota this week. Azeroth is full of a bunch of hardasses." I would imagine that rather than accept Algalon's diagnosis, they'd probably either deem him weak or defunct and then either send another Observer to wipe us out, or show up themselves with their stompin' boots on. Hell, this could even lead to a situation in which Algalon sides with us and helps stand against his former master. Maybe his lended power is what allows us to defeat such an entity? I mean, sure, this situation would finally complete him as a clone of The Silver Surfer and all, but still. I love Algalon. I'd love to see him at our side.

This situation would be especially viable in Cataclysm considering the closeness of Deathwing to the Pantheon (he was created as Neltharion by Pantheon member Khaz'Goroth, shaper of the earth and is essentially a non-crippled Hephaestus - all of the dragon aspects were created by a member of the Pantheon). It's not hard to imagine how we could make the jump from Deathwing to his creators, especially when they catch wind that one of their creations made to guard Azeroth has been corrupted by the Old Gods, as had all of the Guardians in Ulduar).


Breakfast Topic: Who do you want to kill? {WoW}

Jan 9th 2010 9:54PM If you'd read Of Blood and Honor, I highly doubt you'd want to see Tirion killed. He's one of the most exemplary characters in Warcraft lore. He was an honored paladin of the Silver Hand, who lost everything; his family, his land, his title, and for a temporary time, his light-given powers, all over an oath he made to an orc (Eitrigg). His sense of honor is likely the strongest depicted among all humans in the game and all preceding lore.

His depiction in WotLK has been disappointing however; he seems too hellbent on vengeance against Arthas for some reason. Sure, everyone despises Arthas, but Tirion was content with living for decades under Kel'Thuzad's (and eventually, Arthas') nose, only defending himself against the undead when they were on his front porch. Suddenly he gets into a 2-minute scuffle with Arthas at Light's Hope and decides he's going to lead the charge and devote his entire being to defeating him? It feels kind of forced from a writing standpoint. They've missed every opportunity to see a reunion between Eitrigg and Tirion (the ToC raids would have been perfect for this). They've done little to display his sense of honor and tolerance among all races to give that sense of him to those who haven't read the book. This is also a minor gripe, but their choice of voice actor for him was poor as well - whoever does him is a good VA, but his voice definitely does not suit Tiron's character well at all.

Drama Mamas: Mismatched ambitions in the Dungeon Finder {WoW}

Dec 25th 2009 7:47PM I've really been enjoying these articles on the new LFG system and how, despite what a convenience it is, it can still be an occasional problem for some.

One thing I'd like to contribute, though, is that while overgeared players can often be whining brats, or aloof, they're not always the source of a group's problem. I don't mean failure when I say a group's problem - I mean a group's problem with conflicting personalities, or goals, or an exaggerated sense of failure (one wipe due to a simple mistake or in a hard instance does not mean everyone else in the group is an incompetent noob).

I play a Paladin, Retribution mainspec and Protection offspec. Both specs are relatively geared, my Ret set coming from being my guild's dedicated raiding Ret, and my Tank set coming completely from the new LFG system's generous amount of badge rewards and epics from the new 5-man's. The latter should tell you that I'm no stranger to Random Dungeons with random people.

Anyway, one particular instance sticks out in my mind, a Heroic Nexus run, in which our healer, a druid, asked if we could try for the achievement on the second boss - in which you have to kill all 3 of her illusions within 5 seconds of each other each time she splits. He insisted on doing it, as this was the last achievement he needed for a Red Proto-Drake. So we engaged the boss (I was lucky enough to dps for once this time through), and did our best to get this guy his achievement, even though most of us had already completed it. We even went so far as to wipe it up and run back when we didn't succeed the first time. The second time we came close, but didn't end up getting it (apparently if one of her illusions is dps'd down while channeling a spell, it'll sit at 1 hp until it finishes casting before it dies. This time lapse ended up ruining our attempt at the achievement). I apologized to our druid healer and was met only with silence. A few minutes later he managed to tell us, "Great. Now I have to wait another day."

As we pulled to Anomalus, I asked if we could do his achievement, Chaos Theory. The druid's only response was "no." I was a bit frustrated, but figured it's just a pug and it's not like I'm up for a red drake today, I can always come back and do it with some guildies when I get the chance. We finished the boss and continued to clear through the instance. The last straw for me, though, was when I looked over at our healer during the pulls to Ormorok as saw that he had respecced to Boomkin and was now dpsing. He would shift out in the event that our tank needed heals - but the point was, he was no longer interested in fulfilling the role he had signed up for in our group. In addition, I was having some trouble controlling my aggro (I was waiting a few seconds after the tank for each pull, and using Hand of Salvation when I could, but despite that if I crit too much on my first few attacks I'd often have aggro from at least one mob). Because of this, I was taking a few hits - our tank wasn't incredibly geared, but he was good and was quick on taunting back off of me whenever he could. So I'd be injured, but still alive. In many pulls before and after Ormorok, I'd get aggro and survive with maybe 10% health, and because our healer was busy screwing off in Moonkin form, I'd die to some easy-hitting trash AOE or another aggro. I died avoidable deaths in that instance because our healer was mad he didn't get his achievement.

At the end of the instance, he took his loot and dropped group immediately. No thanks or goodbyes. It may be worth noting that this player was not particularly well geared. Not that he wasn't capable to run Heroic Nexus, but the fact is, it was his attitude that ruined the run for the rest of us, not his gear.

My point is, many geared players are a problem. But often times, people can be a problem regardless of gear. People can decide to act vengeful or spiteful toward people with or without gear. Despite this point, I haven't been feeling a lot of love for us hardcore types, both in these articles and in the groups themselves, although I can't say it's undeserved. Many of us can be elitist or treat the game like it's another job, but still more of us see the game for what it is - just that, a game. I was hoping, if you were willing to continue this topic a bit more, that you'd be able to dispense some wisdom for skilled and/or geared players about what they can do to help their lesser-geared groupmates, what they can do to avoid being dramas mamas, and what casual and hardcore players alike can do to help break the barrier between them.

-Phoenixsmite, Stormscale-US, Cyclone battlegroup

Breakfast Topic: What kind of PuG are you? {WoW}

Dec 11th 2009 8:11PM I'm usually the one telling the bad jokes :D

But I'm also the Roflbution paladin who's trying to break the stereotype of useless Retardins. I dispel, I HoP when DPS pulls aggro, I rebuff any 10m blessings I had to use, I never keep up crusader aura, I top the meters of most groups I'm in (although now that I'm reading that Recount is bugged in cross-server dungeons I'm starting to doubt myself on that point).

But unfortunately, I'm also a ToGC geared DPS with a terrible knack for getting all of the mobs right on me by the time my "rotation" has reached Divine Storm, even when I'm holding back. My guild's tanks can barely hold off of me in 5-mans and they're much better geared than 99% of pugs I run with. So I end up also looking overzealous and unable to control my aggro, and I had to establish a pull-by-pull rotation of Hand of Salvation, Divine Shield, Hand of Protection, and Divine Protection just to keep myself alive and, as often as I can, away from the top of the threat meter.

First impressions: Icecrown Citadel raid and 5-mans {WoW}

Dec 11th 2009 7:34PM My guild has cleared everything available in 10 and 25-man ICC. If you can clear past Faction Champs and/or Twin Valkyr on ToGC25, you can easily do everything in ICC. Wipes are to be expected while everyone learns the fight firsthand, but we still managed to clear 25 in one night and 10 in the next.

I can confirm...Gunship battle is the most fun I've ever had playing this game.

Patch 3.3 known issues {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 4:21AM Here's a good one for you.

My guild was one of the few lucky enough to get into ICC 25 (most other endgame guilds were locked out after the first boss or two; due to this we ended up getting server firsts on Gunship and Saurfang).

After Deathwhisper, in her room, there is a giant elevator that raises you up to the top of the citadel. There, you start the trash pulls toward gunship. The trash pulls come in the form of large NPC fights between horde and alliance of assorted classes. Well, before everyone had even gotten up the elevator, someone accidentally pulled and wiped the raid.

Okay, no biggie, we take our lumps and get back in. Might as well port back up there, right? (For those who haven't been inside yet, there is a portal function exactly like in Ulduar). Well, since the Alliance NPCs were still in combat with our friendly Horde NPCs, they never moved back to their original spots and were fighting right at the top of the elevator. What's more, they would automatically target anyone that came up there.

Doesn't sound so bad, right? Well, take into account the fact that, in order to avoid anyone exploiting the elevator, if your raid group is in combat with the opposing faction's npcs, they will randomly teleport you up the elevator. Not your whole group. One by one. Meaning, if you're running back from the wipe, and someone ports up to the room, they get everyone else in combat, then the trash mobs start ganking your raid 1 person at a time. We eventually got past it by having everyone jump on the elevator at once without anyone getting in combat, then zerging. We still almost wiped due to random teleports and evade bugging, but got them down and that was all we needed to progress. I highly doubt Blizz intended this.

Raid Rx: Cheater's guide to healing heroic Val'kyr Twins {WoW}

Dec 4th 2009 8:59PM I've seen one or two people mention it already, but you can indeed dps through the dark bubble if your raid knows exactly what to expect, and exactly what they need to do about it.

For this strat to work, you need to understand how the Twins' special abilities work (and you'll find that, if you ask around, a disturbingly low amount of people actually do). They have 4 abilities:

1. Light Vortex
2. Dark Vortex
3. Light Bubble -> Heal
4. Dark Bubble -> Heal

This is in no particular order. The twins choose which ability they will cast at RANDOM. However, there is 1 important rule to remember about which abilities they can choose from, which will allow you to predict which ability will come 4th with 100% accuracy: The Twins will cycle through all 4 abilities before ever repeating one. This means that, say, if they've used:

Dark Bubble, Dark Vortex, Light Bubble

We can say for sure that the 4th ability they use will be Light Vortex. Then ability #5 will be chosen again at random.

The idea behind the 'luck' strategy is to save 2 different sets of cooldowns for 2 specific abilities:

Offensive cooldowns for Dark Bubble
Defensive cooldowns for Light Vortex.

Obviously, as Matt said, do what you can to survive and keep everyone else alive during Light Vortex. DPSing the Dark Bubble isn't easy, but it certainly can be done. The idea is to have everyone watching DBM, or at least have your raid leader call it out on vent if you abide people who do not have the addon. At 3-5 seconds before a new special ability, have everyone switch from Lightbane to Darkbane in case she begins to heal. Save Bloodlust for this. If Darkbane does not bubble herself, switch back to Lightbane, resume DPS, and handle the other ability accordingly. If Darkbane bubbles herself, blow Bloodlust/Heroism, every personal cooldown you have, haste potions, wild magic potions...everything you can possibly do to stop that heal from casting. Yes, she will take reduced damage when everyone is in Dark Essence, but if everyone uses everything they have, you can break that bubble. It also helps to have 2-3 melee dps that know what they're doing to stay in Light Essence for the whole fight and stick only on Darkbane. They will have to pay extra attention as they'll serve 2 purposes: Extra DPS on the shield, and backup orb soakers, in case any slip by the ranged soakers. They will also have to dodge a lot of incoming Dark Orbs in order to stay alive and in order to keep feeding the main group orb stacks. When the shield does go off, they need to blow their cooldowns as well, and they will often push the interrupt over the top. If everyone is pre-dpsing and bloodlust and personal cooldowns and pots are all saved for that very moment, you will break that shield and interrupt that heal.

I played the role of one of the Light Essence melee, and it worked beautifully. There were a few flukes but once everyone could reliably and preemptively switch over to Darkbane it was a clean kill (our healers did an amazing job of keeping everyone alive through Light Vortex).

One more thing worth mentioning, if Dark Bubble is your first ability, you may want to just not bother with it at all and just let it happen. If your dps is really good the lowest you're going to have them at that point is probably about 80% or so, so just let them heal to full and be content knowing that you won't have to deal with Dark Bubble again for at least another 3 abilities. That's what happened on our first kill: First ability was bubble, they healed 85% to full, we resumed DPS. Then we got Dark Bubble again as our 5th ability, we busted through that just fine with Bloodlust, and we got the kill. Grats to our warrior who got heroic Death's Choice :D (Lucky so-and-so *grumble grumble*)

Phat Loot Phriday: Sharpened Obsidian Edged Blade {WoW}

Dec 4th 2009 8:15PM This is a great sword, even for dps, providing you need all that expertise.

Remember kids, the expertise "cap" for dps is 26, or -6.5% chance to dodge/parry. This completely removes a regular boss's chance to dodge from behind, and while it takes a whole lot more to remove parry, we don't have to worry about parry at all. The expertise rating on the 25-man version of this sword is worth a whopping 12.56 flat expertise, so even if you've collected only a little bit of expertise gear (or even none at all) you're already almost halfway to your cap.

I was dying to get this on my main (retribution paladin) for a long time, but Onyxia apparently hates me with all of her soul, and hasn't dropped this or the 10-man version for me despite having run both versions every week since the encounter was updated. I actually got my Best-In-Slot Axe off of heroic 25 Faction Champs, upgraded from a 232 Edge of Agony, before I ever saw this drop. I still haven't seen an OEB drop.

Ret Pallies, remember that you get get a whopping 10 flat expertise through your Glyph of Vengeance. I'm still not expertise capped without this glyph active, meaning I'm only expertise capped when using Seal of Corruption. Although this glyph can certainly help out and make gearing more convenient, it's always better to be expertise capped through gear alone, as that lets us still stay capped during fights that require Seal of Command (trash, phase 2 on onyxia, phase 1 on Northrend Beasts [depending on your guild's strategy], TOC Anub'Arak, etc). Either version of the Obsidian Edged Blade can go a long way to ensure that we stay at that cap.