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Shifting Perspectives: Why effective health needs to die, part 2 {WoW}

Dec 6th 2009 9:30PM First of all congratulations for these series, I was quite happy when I saw that someone had wrote what you just wrote, the concept of EH is not really a valid or usefull tool when making gear decisions, in fact it induces you into mistake, people don't seem to realise that, people try to explain every game aspect in mathematical therms, however, they fail terribly at it, because the complexity of variants inherant to a tank survability is oh so much bigger than the variables used on the EH formula, it's just not according to the reality.

I've been a prot warrior since the EU beta and until today I've never calculated the EH of any item or my total EH to make any gearing or talent decisions, it's everything a lot more simple than people think...

If you're dying to a no avoidance streak, you might not need more avoidance, you might need more healers in your raid instead. Does the fight dps requirements allow you to bring one more healer? If it doesn't, you can always switch the healing around on the tank, and instead of 3 paladins spamming HL you have 2 spamming HL and one spamming FoL, these are just examples of how the decion of gearing isn't dependant on one or two or three variables, there's a lot of stuff to watch for when making decisions.

On progress having a formula that gives you an an approximate value of how it will increase or decrease your survavility without the need of having a good sample of attempts sure is nice! Too bad it doesn't take into consideration the whole raid environment.