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Gold Capped: Market timing {WoW}

May 20th 2010 9:13PM Lest we forget, Auctioneer also skirted the rules by having a page-by-page scanner that slurped the entire auction house to generate an in-game database? Did Blizzard ban the mod and threaten to ban people who used it? No, because that was 3 years ago they actually put more functionality into the game to provide a full download of the entire AH in one command. Blizzard of today? They would ban it, break the auction house functionality and then charge $2.99 a month to get access to the same data... Oh wait, I guess that already happened.

Gold Capped: Market timing {WoW}

May 20th 2010 9:10PM I don't know what Auction House mod you're using, but Auctioneer tells you exactly what to do with every item (sell this, disenchant that, convert that, buy this) and then it gives you an exact price to set so that all you do is click "post, post, post" over and over. And it draws on the game screen by changing the Auction House UI into something Blizzard did not intend. So therefore, it breaks all the same rules AVR did. Ban them both.

Blizzard to break the AVR mod in Patch 3.3.5 {WoW}

May 20th 2010 8:34PM They are must be planning on adding a raiding "helper" in Cataclysm that does what DBM/AVR does, except it will be pegged as a premium raiding feature for $2.99 a month.

Basically, if it's against the TOS, then expect for it to be sold in the Blizzard Store.

Gold Capped: Market timing {WoW}

May 20th 2010 8:27PM If they ban AVR for affecting raiding negatively, they should ban all Auction House addons for affecting the economy of the game negatively.

Blizzard to break the AVR mod in Patch 3.3.5 {WoW}

May 20th 2010 7:31PM Blizzard has NO ONE to blame but themselves, they are the ones creating stupid raids that requires ridiculous amounts of dexterity to pull off. And they design half the boss battles so that if even one person makes a mistake, the entire raids wipes.

There is not a single boss in this game that any guild under the top 5% can do without DBM, Omen, Healbot and several other addons on their own without wiping 1000 times. 95% of the players require DBM tellingthem what's coming and WoW-Wiki or TankSpot videos telling them what to do and half of those players can't even do it right with all that help. All of those addons should be banned as well.

In fact, ban all addon functionality and force Blizzard to get off their greedy asses and create a halfway decent UI for once. Of course, they will probably charge you extra for it.

Breakfast Topic: What story does your WoW subscription history tell? {WoW}

May 20th 2010 8:30AM Free days of credit does not compute for the Kotick-owned Blizzard. I think he'll find a way to charge you a $5 premium each month when your average latency is under 3000 and less than a week of outages as a "superior service surcharge."

Official WoW Magazine forums on Wowhead {WoW}

May 20th 2010 8:25AM No ads? There's a 4 page ad for Figureprints in the second issue - it's pretty blatant. Soon half the magazine will be full page ads disguised as "articles" for Star Ponies, Remote Auction House, WoW accessories, t-shirts and a 3 page centerfold of Mr. T telling me I'm a sucka for not buying the DirectTV internet streaming package for BlizzCon.

WoW Armory Remote Auction House beta is live {WoW}

May 19th 2010 8:34AM Blizzard is officially obsessed with money now. There is no stopping them at this point. EVERYTHING WILL BE FOR SALE. Items, raid buffs, patches, titles, achievements, pets, mounts, access to AH, guild chat and everything in this game will be nickled and dimed from you because that is the way Bobby Kotick works.

He exploits games for maximum profit and leaves behind dead carcasses of franchises. No one thought he could destroy cash cows like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero and he did. Now all he has left is World of Warcraft and he's going to ride it hard for every penny.

Pretty soon he will have other development houses working on WoW patches, Starcraft and Diablo sequels. There is nothing Blizzard can do since all their property and IP is owned by Activision and therefore Bobby Kotick.

They should have never merged, and while Blizzard has been a well-run company in terms of game development, they have always been a poorly run company management-wise. How could a company with as much as money and profit as they have over 20 years never had the foresight to buy their own company and control their own destiny?

Blizzard as we all know it will be gone in 2-3 years (and 2-3 years ago, nobody would have believed that a company as successful as Infinity Ward would be gone).

Once Mike Morhaime disagrees with Bobby Kotick one too many times, he will be gone just like the Infinity Ward heads, then there will be an exodus and they will have to start all over with new IP. Good luck to them, but it's over.

Offspec gear and Cataclysm raiding {WoW}

May 9th 2010 4:21PM The main goal of Cataclysm is to make people wait 2 years for the next expansion. That's it. So they screwed up with Wrath and we're stuck in this situation of waiting 9 more months with nothing new other than a single-boss raid to tide us over. Also, they want to slow down the major patches to about 1 every 6 months instead of 1 every 3 months (when mind you, it used to be 1 every month with 12 major patches in the first year of WoW).

So if you are used to getting geared up quickly, well now it will takes 12 weeks to gear up instead of 2. This is what Blizzard wants.

Daily Cataclysm screenshot {WoW}

May 7th 2010 8:28PM Makes you wonder why Blizzard is feeding us crap that's never going to look like that. The water in screenshots looks far superior to what is actually in the game. Yeah yeah yeah, Alpha/Beta, Beta/Alpha, but the same thing happened with shadows - 2 years later and they still look terrible and cut your FPS in half.