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Dec 11th 2009 5:04AM Quote: "I've done 10 and 25 man of every Wrath raid in the game.
10 man is always MASSIVELY easier than 25"
These arguments are stupid when they come from people who "have done both raids". You might think that "I know what im saying" when you say that you have done both..but its not valid point, its bad point. Specially if your role is dps.
I mean of course 10mans are "massively" easy WHEN YOU OUTGEAR IT by WHOLE TIER.

Lets see.
As we know Naxx 10/25 = 200 ilvl/213ilvl gear
Ulduar desing wise? Uld10 is desinged for 200 ilvl geared people. Uld 25 is desinged for 213 ilvl people. If you went to Uld10 with maly and OS3D 226+213 gear stop freaking whining "ezmode" and you know why.
Toc raid same thing. 10man is for 10man progress not for people who outgear the entrylevel reguirement with their 226+239 gear.

You guys need to realise they are 2 totally different progress levels. Has blizzard ever said 10mans are "lol they are just for loot and to learn the fights". No, they even made achievements like "herald of the titans" and "dedicatly insane" that encourages to use propriete ilvl gear for encounters. It might be learning/loot place for 25man guilds that use like algalon10 as learning curve to 25. But still theres strict 10man guilds and they can spend same amount of time as any 25man guild on ICC now.
I tanked ICC10 with 10m Toc gear and it was reasonably scaled. MT had 25man gear and he didnt barely have to do anything while I might've needed some cooldowns there and there.
If you want challenge, do 25man with toc10 and 10 ulduar hard gear as non-dps. Trust me, tanking with that was cooldown chains.