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The Queue: Stonecore frustrations {WoW}

Jan 27th 2011 12:33PM The only thing I think is wrong with the Ozruk encounter is that the DoT you get from attacking him with his shield up (that breaks his stun) is too short. As a pally healer, I use Judgment to get the dot. However, if I cast it at the START of his shield, the dot doesn't last through Paralyze. I have to squeeze it in a very narrow window.

Blizzard working on ways to improve dungeon finder {WoW}

Jan 6th 2011 9:41AM Yesterday on my healadin I zoned into a random--Deadmines--and immediately said, "Changing spec" as I had been questing in prot. "OH wow," says the tank, "I switch to tank spec and get a queue right away!" DANGER WILL ROBINSON bells start going off in my head; I inspect and he's in a mix of greens and early blues, some dps gear. "Uh, have you ever tanked before?" "Yeah, back in Wrath." "Well, let me buff and get mana." I hit Kings, then sit down to drink; apparently "buff" was enough as I'm at half mana sitting at the doors of the instance when he starts pulling. Predictably, he dies. "Wipe it," I say in /p, "Then we can kick him." And we do. But not before putting these rules in party chat: 1) don't pull when your healer is at 50%; 2) Remember your aggro abilities so the DPS who gave you a good 10 sec (since they weren't ready to pull either) don't immediately pull off you; 3) If you want to be a tank, practice in regs first.

On the opposite side, my husband is currently a DW unholy DK--what many say is the top spec for DPS DKs. One thing they do is use DnD as part of their rotation, even single-target. Yesterday a group voted to kick him after one pull for being a DW DK who uses DnD AT ALL (since of course first pull was trash and AoE abilities should be fine...), advising him to "read Elitist Jerks" (which is where he got the spec in the first place). On the two pulls he was there for, he topped DPS and damage done. Normally if someone doesn't want me, I'm gone; but here I fully support his tabbing out and reading a book while they waited for the cooldown to expire to kick him. Sometimes the group is the idiots.

Drama Mamas: Breakup drama {WoW}

Nov 26th 2010 6:25PM 1) Ignore, 2) Vent Mute.

If you PUG into a raid and he is brought in, and you do decide to stay, you should let the RL know that you don't talk to him/hear him/etc just in case and that you'll happily leave or they can kick him but this is non-negotiable.

Make sure your mutual friends know that you will NOT play with him as well.

Reader UI of the Week: Zhee's UI {WoW}

Oct 27th 2010 12:00AM I was in love with my UI, until I saw this one. MUST SOLVE KGPANELS.

Spiritual Guidance: BlizzCon players tell about their first priests {WoW}

Oct 25th 2010 8:37PM 1. I started my first priest when my husband and I went to try out a PvP server together, before my main-at-the-time (a mage) was even levelcapped (this was in late BC). I chose a priest because I knew that I knew how to level as a caster (the mage taught me how to pull), but I wanted to try something different and maybe heal eventually. It didn't work out (I can handle being ganked, but not being camped), but I kept in mind how much I had enjoyed the priest aspect of it. Once the mage hit 80 in May of last year, a new priest was the first alt I rolled. After a loooooong stall at 20 (trouble finding a group for the last few quests in Ghostlands), she came into her own with the advent of the RDF, I started healing, and she hit 80 in March of this year.

2. Everything I'd played before (which is mostly just D&D-type stuff) had led me to suspect that I would love being a mage, and this is still true. I picked up the priest for the reasons cited above and this has actually impacted my other gameplay: I frequently tabletop RP healers/leaders (D&D4e) now.

3. Actually, I'm not sure it is, yet, but I really love healing. Currently my main is a pally (prot/holy) and the mage is an alt. But I love love love Chakra and I'm excited about the upcoming healing models, so my priest is making a strong bid to be my main come Cata.

Arcane Brilliance: Fire mage 4.0 {WoW}

Aug 1st 2010 4:20AM I'm a lot happier with the way the new trees are looking. Last week I mentioned that I was frustrated that I would get to 29 points and then have to spend 1 utility point to get the Tier 7 talent. Now, at least in fire, I'm landing at 28 points for that (hit 27 in Frost and Arcane), which I actually like better because it allows me to choose one and maximize it, actually making use of the talent as intended.