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Blizzard releases official Gnomeregan and Echo Isles Cataclysm information {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 2:34PM Weed's one hell of a drug...

Breakfast Topic: Sylvanas, my new BFF {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 2:36AM I'm not necessarily sure about Blizz's direction, could this be part of the whole "Garrosh's redemption" thing pre-Cataclysm?

We have Sylvanas blinded by hate of LK to the point of turning some players off due to her apathy of Horde soldiers dying...

While it might be a bit of a leap, the Saurfang boss encounter, scripted events and all...

The placement of Kor'Kron in UC to protect Horde interests, whose brutality and curt mannerisms lead this idea back to "young" Hellscream...

This trend leads me to believe that Sylvie's going to do something pretty damn horrible to turn Horde opinion to justifying Orc placement in Undercity, and galvanizing support for Garrosh, leading to his rise to Warchief (a few scenes of him actually helping to kick ass would not hurt as well).