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The Queue: Scourge frost {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 2:57PM Hej deer que-ers :-)

I truly hope someone will read this comment, although it is a late one.
Here on and on the internet there are a lot of resources on tanking, however not many about leveling your tank. I can find how much defense i need at 60, 70 and 80 (for raid bosses or non-raid bosses) however from which level on do you need defense and how much? Or don't I really need it? Let's say I'm level 70 and decide to go tanking, do i need a specific amount of defense? (490 like you need at 70 for raid-bosses?)
Maybe this should be in tankspot or on the classforums of tanking toons, however i hope this also works.

Maybe if someone could point me to a website or anything with some background on this? (maybe i just worry to much and should just start, and then when it goes wrong just fix what goes wrong with stats, any stats)

Anyways thanks you so much in advance.

WoW Rookie: Gearing up with the LFG feature {WoW}

Dec 16th 2009 7:46PM Ok lets try again,

Like I said i have been running midlevel (40-50) dungeons. Whenever I find a good group I would like to continue to group with them, hence I queu us again at the end of the dungeon. However sometimes I get the following message (more or less) 'some of your party don't have the necessary level requirements for this dungeon' followed by an auto de-queu. If I try again I get the same message over and over. The only solution so far is de-group and run single again, with no means of contacting the said group members again. Am I just being impatient? Do I need try longer to get a dungeon for the group (I did meet them in a dungeon so there should exist a dungeon where we can all go).
Why does the random dungeon finder doesn't just find a dungeon where my whole group can go?

Did anyone else have this problem? Is the a bug in the fix or still under the radar?

ps I'm a healer so I'm happy when I'm grouped with a decent tank, but guess what, the tank always seems to be the lowest level, so when he is good I can't stay grouped with him due to this problem!

Hope someone has some info on this

WoW Rookie: Gearing up with the LFG feature {WoW}

Dec 16th 2009 7:32PM I have a question

The past couple of days i have been running midlevel (40-50) dungeons. Next to the fact that I only seem to get Uldaman and Maraudan Orange (

In-game fixes for December 15th {WoW}

Dec 15th 2009 11:18PM There is one change i would like to see, or maybe it has been fixed and i haven't seen it.
Due to the fact that you can only trade conjured items i have encountered a problem in Uldaman. To summon one of the early bosses you need to assemble the staff of Prehistoria from the shaft of tsul and the gnikiv medallion. However the shaft only drops for one of the party but the medallion can be looted by anyone. Normally you would trade said medallion to the one with the shaft or vice versa. But guess what: this is not a conjured item thus can not be traded cross-realm.

So anyone know if this has been fixed or even noted? Missed out on that boss 4 times :-( (2 times due to ignorance, 2 times due to someone looting the medallion against my express wishes!)

Hope someone knows the answer

How the WoW community is about to push the self-destruct button {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 9:46AM Hello wow community,

I must say that this topic incited me to post my first post. Good job!
I absolutely love Wow. I enjoy playing, I enjoy being better than other players, to best them in PVP, and every time a patch is coming up I read a lot of posts on the things that are gonna change and why they are such a bad thing. However, I never really seem to notice that I am suddenly at the bottom of the Wow food-chain. You just adapt to the changes, and again try to be the best you can.

Now back on-topic.
There is one thing in this topic which seems to be addressed and forgotten at the same time :-)

'First, the inappropriate commentary needs to either be shot down en masse, or it just needs to be ignored. The vocal minority only responds the way it does because players in general respond well to their tactics.'

I love the way the majority of the posters on this topic say they are so happy with the game. Effectively killing the argument that only people who have issues post and a small minority of the people being unhappy at that.
But we all need to remember the following:
We all agree most of the arguments of the people being unhappy are wrong, or at least incomplete (by default). However they keeping pulling arguments instead of rabbits from hats. They, in fact, refuse to believe they are wrong. They are of course entitled to their opinion, even when they are presented with facts and arguments proving the opposite. However these are not facts.

People who refuse to believe they are wrong in this way cannot, I stress again, cannot be argued with.

They will always keep believing they are right. This effort to show them the light is therefore useless. Follows that there must be devised another way to keep them in line.

So this post is in fact not an argument with this minority of players but with the majority of players who do not /ignore the minority.
I think the first comment in the bracketed sentence above will result in exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve here. If we shoot them down en masse, they will get the attention they don't deserve. However if we embrace all the magic that is Wow and just ignore these people, their voice will be lost in the big emptiness of space. You could even surprise them and not vote their comment down on this very site.

I for one always want to read why someone is voted down, so I especially read the down voted comments. What would happen if we vote them up, or just flat ignore their comment? Their voice would no longer be in a VIP color for everyone to read.

The fact that I said it is addressed and forgotten at the same time points to there being a lot of posts saying that this article is right and then there are a lot of posts trying to educate the people who are trolling, too. Let me stress again, this does not work!

Let me conclude with saying that I love this site. Good article! And maybe ill post again in the future.