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Should Blizzard leave heroic encounter difficulty alone? {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 6:44AM Nerfing heroic - why shouldnt Blizzard do it

- It devalues heroic kills for guilds trying to push content and reduces their enjoyment of the game
- It gives the impression that "easy" is what the want - this is already impacting on 25 man heroic guilds, as fewer now exist and continued easy street is not helping them
- Why change it at all? If you fix an encounter because of a bug thats fair enough but once sorted why on earth change it - this just seems like Blizzard employees seeking extra work!
- The help websites rapidly fill with videos and tactics on how to kill at heroic WE DONT NEED blizzards help ....seriously watch the vids, practise the fight we will kill it in the end
- True progression heroic players get 10 times more pleasure from that hard fought kill after 100 tries than a bit of 410 epic gear - HONESTLY we do Blizzard.

In Summary

HANDS OFF OUR HERIOCS...LFR is great leave the players that dont enjoy 100 plus wipes there please...

thank you :-)

Ready Check: Catacysm raid changes a tier later {WoW}

Jun 18th 2011 5:13PM I should qualify my 25 man vs 10 man comparison

I am ONLY talking about heroic mode - frankly anyone playing normal mode cannot have a valid opinion on raid differences as both are easy.

I also dont agree on the camaraderie point by Big fact the social banter in a 25 man is a huge part of the fun, you have your favourites obviously but within a 25 man environment you can have social cliques - and that gives you space to allow players that have differing temperments and qualitys. 25 mans that dont do that - collapse.
25 mans that do are progression guilds and do so becuase of solid leadership, quality players and a diverse pool of members within the guild itself

Thats really another "beef" with 10 mans - they really become little more than a tight circle of mates - 25 mans encourage much more complexity of social and team arrangement and are challenging just off that.

I also read an earlier comment implying that a 25 man raid can "afford" too loose a couple of players unlike our heroic 10 man cousins....another falicy, IF you are raiding at heroic level in 25 man you will need every single point of dps to bring bosses down and every one of your 6/8 man healer team will have to sweat their butts off. The point people are trying to get across here is that the"FUN chaos" factor is what makes 25 man raiding great - being in a large raid with all the colour of a raid boss fight at heroic is what makes raiding great - 10 mans - sorry just dont cut the mustard in comparison and never will

Ready Check: Catacysm raid changes a tier later {WoW}

Jun 18th 2011 3:30AM Re- read this article in the light of day - and frankly its still rubbish...

I really think the writer should actually visit a few more servers than his own, as his statement regarding the longevity of 25 man raiding guilds since this change is frankly nonsense.

Its killing 25 mans - only the really well run ones are surviving

Why - well imo bearing in mind the ill-informed 10 man raiding comments here I would guess that we are looking at comments by players that simply havent played at a high level in large raids. Most of the issues for a 25 man raid surround what issue ...mmmm let me guess - Oh I know "SIZE". hey you have the same size room with more people - in that room is something plus its friends plus aoe damage that kills things - and hey surprise surprise as a result more people have more to react to - more targets to heal and more chances of making mistakes....would that make the fight harder

I will let you join the dots on that one...

That simple issue aside - I will restate - that the main bone of contention is this

"10 mans are there to "open up the game" (make it easier) "make content available to all" (give them loot) Oh and (make it easier)

many many vanilla players have left the complexion of the game has changed - this is evident everytime you pug a 5 man heroic - player quality has gone down the toilet, influx of new players that blizzard to desperate to keep and hence tailors the game for.

Will this kill the game? I dont know ...not for me as I am in a quality 25 man guild...for others..thats their choice, what I do know is that recruiting on server for 25 man heroic - forget it, applications these days seem to be written 80% of the time by players barely in long trousers....

So 10 mans being "leet".....comments here ....NO surprise....would any of them have survived the twins in a 40 man raid in vanilla...


Ready Check: Catacysm raid changes a tier later {WoW}

Jun 17th 2011 5:09PM This is a first for me - but frankly this issue really gets under the skin. 10 man raiding has killed many many 25 man raiding guilds and has pushed raiding down to a "big 5 man " party feel....

I dont care about the mechanics issue and whether a raid is "harder" in 10 man, I do care about the fact that 10 mans are murdering guilds.

A guild is a collection of players - forming a community - raiding - having fun. Facts are the equalisation of raid loot has broken the back of larger guilds and the entropy is spreading, we are the only serious 25 man raiding guild alliance left on our server - yes the ONLY one - this is ridiculous.

Blizzard could have at least kept achievements seperate - they wouldnt even do that. Frankly they may as well get rid of 25 man raiding as well and have done with it.

This head long focus on making "content" accessible but not rewarding the tougher to organise large guilds will result in the end of this game sooner or later as guilds continue to fragment - serious players arent interested in 10 mans - 10 man content is played by players that want an easy win, easy loot and little skill period. As quality players continue to burnout and drift away the "nursery" of new players - large guilds will die - 25 man raiding allows guilds more leeway in larger raid teams - hence more players gain experience and develop as players - 10 mans are frankly too small social groups and cannot deliver.

Will I be playing 10 mans - Nope - will I leave wow if 25 mans go - yep - because the challenge and more importantly the FUN will finally be gone...

Sad priest :-(

Why you don't have freedom of speech in WoW {WoW}

Dec 15th 2009 3:42AM This is the first time Ive ever posted in this forum - I have read this and the last post regarding Blizz and some posters ongoing arguments.

Im a Brit and we dont have a bill of rights so the initial statement isnt relevant to me - but this argument is.

I do love this game - frankly for all its faults its without doubt the best game ever to date, and I do smile with irony about the people that "complain". I am certain that their issues are possibly real and very important to them. But I would ask them and Blizzard to take a step back and consider the following.

Forums - faceless boards where you can write what you like with zero personal complications are easy to abuse, Ive played FPS games for many years in clans and you wouldnrt believe how vitriolic some of them can get. BUT, put those same people in a room together in "Real Life" and the tone changes - beleive me I have seen it at clan meets

So ask yourselves this - if you were face to face with a group of hard working people from Blizzard - with whom you disagreed - would you speak to them face to face the way you write?

Even more importantly - how would you feel if they spoke to you that way? Hurt? annoyed? defensive maybe??

And this leads me to the obvious - if someone rang you up and told you you were doing a crap job - how would you react - jump up listen to them and try and do better? Or put the phone down and think what a bunch of $%^^ holes?

If you want change - you need to influence being childish, rude and abusive will get you Nowhere -in fact from human nature its likely to do the reverse....

Think about it !!!!