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Arcane Brilliance: How to be a good PUG mage {WoW}

Dec 16th 2009 4:06PM On frozen orbs...

My main is a resto drood on Auchindoun. We have always had a rule on our server that we all need frozen orbs. We do this just in case somebody decides to ninja at the last minute. When the PUG dungeon finder came out it took me awhile before I actually realized that other servers don't do this. One day last week a very angry group member told me off and dropped group before I could respond. The point is he called me a ninja. I looked at the roll screen and noticed that I was, in fact, the only person who selected need for the orb. I then opened my bags (about 20 runs into the PUG finder) and discovered that i had 17 forzen orbs. I felt terrible because I am definitely not a ninja.

By now, most people from Auchindoun have been accused of being orb ninjas. People discuss this so much that frozen orb ninjaing has joined the ranks of Chuck Norris chat in the Barrens, and Anal [insert stupid link here], UMAD?, AMIRITE! in trade chat.

The point is that if you see someone from Auchindoun in your group establish clear rules first. Most of us have adjusted but I'm sure some people have not.

Good advice.