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Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: It begins {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2010 12:35AM Fierna. i applaud you in your choice to not sleep with any ret pallys .They are knows for blowing all there CDs right at the start. Although i wold like to know where you stand on the Elemental Shaman isue.

Shifting Perspectives: Cat 101, part 3 {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 12:40PM nice write up of cat dps . This is mainly a reply to threetoehoek. He is 100% right . unless some horrible rng fairy came down and splated a completly inocent player in the first 30sec of a boss fight don't waste BR on em . nothing worse as a rl then calling our for a BR and having the druid reply "o i used that on loldkpwndeath" .

props to all you kittehs

WoW Rookie: Gearing up with the LFG feature {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 7:03AM A feture i wold love to see added wold be a way for everyone to rate a player with the dungon finder tool . Like a ebay type rating (closest thing i could think of off the top of my head) i know i can ignore players after they have come to a dungon and been complet douches but a system that wold lock a player after sya a 100 ppl mark them as just plain bad is needed . say lock them from the tool for a week after the first time there rating reaches dumbass then reset it let them have a second chance then lock them for a month the next and permaban them the 3rd.

Related to that . the vote kick option needs to be fixed so it can be used more often then once per dungon . quite a few times now (mainly only while lvling lowbe alts) there will be 4 of us who say hello get to doing our jobs and end up having to kick the rogue or pally who runs in circles while we pull just leaching free xp . the replacment comes in this one thinks it's funny to run way ahead agro all the mobs and buble wipeing the group but we can't kick him becouse we got rid of the slacker who was atleast not killing us . our only option then is to all leave group saying goodbye to 3 other competent friendly players

I don't want to be one of the ppl QQing over the new tool . I think it is kick ass and love that blizz took the time to implement it. i just wold like to see some more control over it before it is ruined by the 2% of the population that piss the rest of us off .