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Breakfast Topic: The changing face of raid group sizes {WoW}

Dec 16th 2010 8:27AM I like the idea, but I don't think it would be easy at all. Ignoring the hardcore players who would of course find that magic number of raiders to best plow through content, it can't be a linear scale. If you need 2 tanks and 2 healers, minimum, then you'd start with 4 dps. Then 5, then 6 etc. But one of those times you'd need a healer. If the hp was scaling on the idea that a dps was added, adding a healer would make the encounter too hard. But if the damage done is scaling then adding a dps would be fatal. If both scale then there'd be a lot of kicking and dropping as you try and figure out what this particular amount of players needs composition wise.

I'd say they should just add a 15 man. Then you could run a 10, a 15, 2 10s, a 25, 3 10s or 2 15s, 3 15s etc. depending on how many people show up. No more than 4 people would ever be sat, unless you were lacking key roles, which would still be a problem even with method described in the post.

Breakfast Topic: Elementals vs. Zombies -- which event was better? {WoW}

Dec 6th 2010 8:32AM To be fair, technically the Cata world event culminated with The Shattering. As far as game altering events go that trumps the zombies for impact factor. I still the zombies were better than the elementals, but I also don't think you can just leave The Shattering out of the equation.

Raid Rx: Leveling tips for Cataclysm healers from 80 to 85 {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 9:28AM I'm busy giving putting my pets through a rigorous exercise regime. After months with little to do they've all gotten...well...I mean who knew Glyph of Mend Pet had that many calories?!

As far as my healer goes I'm busy offering my services to my guildies (so they all like me and invite me to dungeons) and practicing with the new healing model as I level my new Troll Druid. I never realized just how much my Priest overgeared the healing challenge until I tried healing with level appropriate gear.

BlizzCon 2010: Dungeons and Raids Live Blog {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 4:19PM This is the panel I've been waiting for. So excited!

The Queue: What's that, Deathwing? {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 4:32PM That's exactly why I ask. I also assume it will be in 4.0.1 but have heard absolutely nothing confirming or denying it.

The Queue: What's that, Deathwing? {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 11:12AM Do the profession changes, such as multiple skill ups for making a blue item, come into play with 4.0.1? Because my hunter is waiting for that change to become an engineer...

The Queue: BlizzCon or bust {WoW}

Oct 7th 2010 7:42PM Will 4.0.1, 4.0.3 or Cataclysm itself contain the changes to profession leveling? I'm assuming 4.0.1, but I haven't heard anything.

The Lawbringer: 5 ways trade chat can get you in trouble {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2010 1:00AM And this was totally supposed to be a reply to my previous comment. Ugh -.-

The Lawbringer: 5 ways trade chat can get you in trouble {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2010 12:59AM You'd think that, given that Chuck Norris is always right behind you (even creepier now), but that fact that no one ever knows where the heck Mankrik's wife is saved me.

The Lawbringer: 5 ways trade chat can get you in trouble {WoW}

Oct 1st 2010 6:12PM I haven't been in trade chat, on any character, in about 4 years. And I have enjoyed every moment of it. I did indeed learn this lesson in the Barrens, somewhere between Chuck Norris and Mankrik's wife.