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League of Legends reveals Fiora, The Grand Duelist {Massively}

Feb 27th 2012 11:12AM @EvilCartographer
Pros are pros because they innovate. I've been winning games after games playing kill lanes as you've mentioned, and I've done that for a very long time. The problem is that the mentality seems to be "If the pros don't do it, it must be bad.", and this leads to AD carries not trusting you.

I've played games where I was Ryze support or Kassadin support, obviously not a babysitter type like Sona/Soraka, but once the AD carries understand that you're the freaking poke god and every single trade is a huge bonus for your lane (as long as the carry AD is ready to poke when you do), then everything goes smoothly. You still build support items and ward the shit out of everything, but your skill set brings a whole other dimension to the game and team fights. Kassadin can easily run away, silence enemy AP carries/support for a long duration, apply AoE slow and good damage with no items, the same with Ryze, good root, good AoE.

League of Legends reveals Nautilus, announces Sona nerf {Massively}

Feb 12th 2012 9:40PM @Scorpio707
The problem with Sona is that she has:
1) Auras that contribute greatly to team fights and laning phase
2) Good heal, that also provides armor as a passive.
3) Incredible Frontal AoE stun with huge range.
4) The most powerful poke ability in the game with her Q+Passive
Now the reason why she's so good is because she's a jack of all trades. She doesn't heal nearly as much as Soraka, but meanwhile she can create opening with her ult, inflict stupid damage with her poke burst (Q+Passive at level 1 will deal about 200 damage, already a third of your health), while she remains safe to do so.

Soraka has one great burst heal, a good harass (Q), stupid mana sustain (E, that is getting nerfed so Soraka will not be receiving mana from using it anymore, nor can she cast it on herself). Powerful silence with her E as well, and AoE heal with ult. Nothing compares to what a good Sona brings to the table an this brings me to my next point

It's all in the skill cap here. Soraka is easy to learn and easy to master, they isn't much you can do other than twitch heals and silences and a well timed global heal. On the other hand, Sona is easy-medium to learn but very, very hard to master. Never missing a poke while avoiding taking cs, timing heals in team fights, using movement speed buffs at the right time (IE, not when everyone is engaged, there are always some small back and forths in a single fight, you have to time your E with those small gaps to increase your damage/decrease incoming damage). So they are nerfing her to she'll be more balanced on a high skill level compared to other champions.

That's why people often ask to nerf Soraka or buff Alistar or taric or any other support. That's because they can see a Soraka in full potential quite often due to how easy she is to play compared to mediocre Sona.

RIFT's 1.7 patch filled with content, coming soon {Massively}

Jan 18th 2012 1:01PM @Clemalum07
Although weird for people who take it seriously, it's still kinda hilarious. I am definitely going to get my character into a gay marriage with another guild member that I keep trolling around with. Haters gonna hate in /4 son.

RIFT's 1.7 patch filled with content, coming soon {Massively}

Jan 18th 2012 12:57PM @Floop the Squirrel
Except the whole complete re-itemization of items above level 45 that you're forgetting right now, and which is where most of their work went.

One problem with Rift's end-game right now is that doing T1 is pretty much useless. The instances aren't that much easier than T2s and gear is really lower as less plaques. They tried to hotfix that by giving better, yet still lower reward from T1 randoms, but that didn't work out.

To fix that, they're changing the current end-game system and to do that they had to redesign itemization of items. For starters, T1 and T2 dungeons will not exist anymore and will be fused into a single Expert type and this has for effect of reducing one tier of gear. From their community blog, the game will now have the following entry tiers:
Tier 1: Level 50 rifts, basic crafted epics, Level 50 normal dungeons
Tier 2: Expert Dungeon Gear, Tier 1 armor set, expert rifts
Tier 3: mmDungeon gear, Tier 2 armor set, Tier 1 raid rifts
Tier 4: RoS/GSB/Slivers, First raid armor tier
Above tiers are as usual.

Along with this, all T1 dungeons are getting buffed up to be tougher, and will have more plaques. All items that currently exist that comes from T1 dungeons will have their stats scaled up to Tier 2 equivalent. T1 armor set is gonna be buffed to T2 stats and T2 set is gonna get buffed to T2.5 stats. Tier 4 is gonna remain the same, and Tier 4 relics (GSB/RoS) are getting buffed to HK epic level (Relics should be that much better according to Trion).

This will have the following effect:
-More streamlined, and more comprehensive gear tiers
-Increase variety of expert dungeons run (Although they already existed, they weren't used much, so it's basically doubling the pool of frequently used dungeons).
- Wider variety of Expert tier gear
-Shorter gear time to start running T1 raids
-More incentive to run T1 raids (Relics being that much better, mark of ascension being more widely available)

Jagex levies a lawsuit against RuneScape botters {Massively}

Oct 26th 2011 5:25PM @Kaoss
Scare tactics, I made a huge post below, but there isn't much they can sue them on, much less sue them successfully for profit. The most likely case if it were to happen from Jagex(hint: not gonna happen) is a slap lawsuit claiming loss of profit, and making it last as long as possible in court to either have people settle out of court or ruin them financially. In the US it's still legal, in Canada this is now illegal. Even then, in the US, with such kinds of lawsuit, the suing party can easily be counter-sued for the legal fees, which means Jagex would actually be losing money from their own layers + botter's lawyers. And a third point, there are talking about a class action lawsuit, that means in all intent and purposes, that if the botters are smart, they'll band together and split the cost of their legal team, meaning that if they sue anything above 100 players, Jagex pretty much shoots itself in the foot because the slap lawsuit won't have much effect since the fees will be split by 100.

There is a reason why a lot of companies add a clause where you forfeit your rights to form a class-action lawsuit against them. In the US it's legit, in most other countries it's illegal to renounce rights in contracts. Sony recently caused an uproar by adding this clause in their EULA after getting sued for personal information breach. NCSoft has it in their EULA, pretty sure WoW has it too.

Jagex levies a lawsuit against RuneScape botters {Massively}

Oct 26th 2011 5:19PM @nimzy
First of all, this is only for US citizens. Second of all, botting does not breach the CFA act. To breach the CFA, you have in a way accessed someone's computer with their consent.

This is merely a pathetic, at best, scare tactics. The bot owners obviously breach the contract and as such, Jagex can terminate their account. I haven't read their EULA, but even in the case where they mention that they open themselves to a lawsuit for botting, it would be very hard to enforce this in court. It's been proven times and times against that subscription contracts (Such as the Jagex one, and most MMO ones), contracts that you are forced to accept to gain access to something, are hard to enforce, mostly because the moment the subscription ends, the contract ends, meaning that if they close you account, the contract ends at that moment. Likewise, if you bot, you broke the contract, and they could sue you for.... one reason that I know of, more on that later... unless they closed your subscription.

There is ONE potential law that Jagex could play on. Now this one has been explained to me by someone who actually knows how laws work, and in this case Jagex wouldn't exactly be able to directly sue. One of the only thing Jagex could claim is that the botting business has a negative effect on their business and sue them for damage, but this very argument could backfire if they can't provide clear statistics that display that an increase in botter lowered the amount of actual players or lead to an actual dip in profit (And it's arguable that since some botters pay, the fact that botters are there is actually a gain for Jagex). The actual thing that could be done, in a class action lawsuit indeed, is a third party (IE the players) suing the botting players, with assistance from Jagex who could provide proof of their wrong doing, for willful intent to deteriorate/harm/etc... a person's property, and this is taking it to the extreme and has many holes in it, but that's one of the only thing Jagex can hope for.

Turbine explains recent LotRO forum security issue {Massively}

Oct 19th 2011 11:43AM @bobfish
They don't, they e-mailed everyone. I received one and my password comes from a password card that is 16 characters long with special characters, capital and normal letters, numbers, all at random. That's just an excuse to say "Oh we only sent it to those who put themselves in that position (by having a weak password, supposedly), it's not OUR fault YOU picked a weak password." I am assuming it's encrypted but not salted, as such very short passwords could be easily cracked, assuming 32-bit encryption. By easily I mean a couple of weeks, but someone with enough time and computer on their hand could run each extracted password through a brute force and hope for a couple of positives.

Turbine explains recent LotRO forum security issue {Massively}

Oct 19th 2011 11:40AM @SnarlingWolf
To be honest, not really. It took a very long time from the discovery of the breach (caused by outdated vbulletin forum software, same thing that lead to SOE and Bethesda leaks and caused a security breach on the CCP websites), to the announcement and mass e-mail. The breach was discovered on the 11th, the e-mail was released on the 18th. That's 7 days of potential danger even if they didn't know the extent of the intrusion at that time.

The difference between SoE and Turbine here is that Turbine got lucky. If Turbine's forum password database had been leaked, the mood would be outrageous. People would be wondering why the hell it took a full week for Turbine to tell its users of the intrusion.

Turbine explains recent LotRO forum security issue {Massively}

Oct 19th 2011 11:32AM @Ocho
Welcome to the internet. This is a very common thing called e-mail spoofing. Maybe the e-mail was legit and they did crappy htmling, but most of the time, e-mails are spoofed, the most frequent one I've seen is World of Warcraft. The e-mail will come in with the "proper" e-mail address, heading and everything, and will provide textually correct links that lead to the official website, but the actual link that is added to the text via html leads to their phishing website.

Lord of the Rings Online releases first post-Isengard patch notes {Massively}

Oct 19th 2011 7:51AM Well people are going to be happy. Pit of Iron was a huge pain in the arse because people kept falling through the floor, that being fixed, more people will venture in the area.

The most important patch is the increase in EXP from quests. One of the biggest complaint from players on the forums was the fact that if you started in the new zone at level 65 and did all the quest and skipped the daily repeatables, you'd end up between level 70 and 74 (Some ended at 75 with rested exp and exp items that increased quest exp reward). Hopefully it's retroactive so players who are now level 73 (like me) with no quest to do except skirmishes and dailies will be bumped to 75.

Btw this bug only affected players who were already 65 when the patch hit. For instance I had a level 60 alt that was just sitting around moria and I got him to Mirkwood and then Enedwaith (Area released between Mirkwood and RoI) and I was level 68 even before I entered RoI, because I completed the quests while I wasn't exp locked.