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XSEED Games Ys-es into Steam market {Joystiq}

Mar 14th 2012 1:42AM @Kage25 you can already download Oath and Seven via the PSN store on the Vita, just the PSP versions. i saw a listing elsewhere for Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees for Vita, whatever that is

Borderlands 2 out September 18 in North America, September 21 elsewhere {Joystiq}

Feb 22nd 2012 11:25AM put it on the Vita for gods sake! i'll kill a pile of children for it

WRUP: Playin' la Vita loca {Joystiq}

Feb 17th 2012 11:28PM Just got some Kingdoms of Amalur in, after 3-4 hours of ME3 Multiplayer. other than more of those, I'll be periodically glancing at my Vita games wishing it were wednesday :/

Maybe mix in some of that gorey Darkness 2

PSA: How to open your ports for Battlefield 3 {Joystiq}

Oct 29th 2011 7:00PM @(Unverified) The ports for PC and PS3 are listed in the EA page they link to at the end.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC update cuts down loading times {Joystiq}

Aug 26th 2011 1:25AM just noticed the shorter load times while playing, didn't see it in the patch notes til later but definitely noticed it.

now if they can just fix the glitch in the Family Ties side mission, i got the achievements using an older save file, but those 1000xp would be nice.

your move Squeenix

We want to marry this Portal 2 proposal {Joystiq}

Aug 22nd 2011 9:18PM That was impressive, congrats to Gary and Stephanie, and an awesome job to all the talent involved

Borderlands 2, starring Salvador the dwarf and a dump of new details {Joystiq}

Aug 6th 2011 6:30PM 200hrs on Xbox360, 50hrs on PC, and about 35 on PS3 for Borderlands The First. Most fun co-op i've played, can't wait to get the boys/girls back together!

might as well go preorder 3 copies of this one as well.


Battlefield 3 won't be sold on Steam; EA claims service 'restricts our ability to directly support players' {Joystiq}

Aug 6th 2011 8:29AM Why hasn't Mass Effect 2 been pulled then? Isn't all the DLC for that sold through the Cerberus network and not direct through steam? I fail to see the difference, color me confused.

Portabliss: ASYNC Corp. (iOS) {Joystiq}

Aug 3rd 2011 8:34PM wish they'd make this a universal app, i'd love to play it on my ipad but hate the pixelation associated with having to 2X games made for iphone, listen up devs!

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet review: Black Hole Sun {Joystiq}

Aug 1st 2011 2:21PM They actually licensed the orchestral parts of some Dimmu Borgir, which are used for the cinematic scenes. No black metal vocals though :(