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Breakfast Topic: What you miss most {WoW}

May 10th 2010 9:57AM I miss having 25-man-only instances. This whole 10 and 25 man (or 10 or 25 in cata) thing is for the birds and screws up progression raiding logistics enormously. I hate it passionately. Hell, I even miss the 40-mans.

Arcane Brilliance: Fire 101 {WoW}

May 10th 2010 9:51AM I know this thread has gone cold but I still feel like this migh tbe the best place to post this question. I'm looking forward to playing fire again. I haven't raided with fire since a brief experimental stint in Ulduar, and I'm wondering if the Improved Shadowbolt/Imp Scorch thing is still relevant? That is, should we not be casting Scorches if the affliction lock in group is still applying the debuff? Will scorch overwrite ISB now? Do the crit% increase and the spell dmg bonus act as separate debuffs? That is, will an affliction lock's ISB also remove the crit% increase debuff from Imp. Scorch?

Or is all this not mentioned in the post because everyone but me already knows that fire mages should always keep the scorch debuff up 100% of the time regardless of any locks lingering around?


Breakfast Topic: Make it all BoA {WoW}

Dec 18th 2009 4:02PM That's fine by me as long as they also make instance lockouts BoA too.

However, if they make all the badges and tokens and gear BoA and keep the lockouts toon-specific, they are going to piss off the majority of WoW players who only have time to develop one main level 80 toon. Think about it. This would give a majorly disproportionate advantage to people who can spend the time to visit the same raid 6 times per night with 6 different toons each of which sends all the gear and emblems to the one main toon. If I have to now maintain 6 level 80's in order to attain the same rate of raid progression I do with one level 80, I will stop playing the game entirely. It would be too much. I want to play the game and compete on skill. If people have to compete against those who get geared faster and better for no other reason than that they have much more time on their hands, then the game will ruin itself.