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All the World's a Stage: Would a WoW LARP work? {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2010 5:06PM So what would happen if 2 seperate larping groups, one playing horde and the other alliance, happened on each other while they were RPing? My guess is Horde attack immediately while the alliance try and call more friends on their cell phones.

Cataclysm Beta: The latest on shadow priests {WoW}

Jul 28th 2010 11:26PM man, I wish they would implement something like the mastery system to how your character appears as they level. Make your fire mage glow a little brighter and have more impressive graphics as they level. It would be like your low level fireball just goes out and booms, where a level 45 level fireball would sound louder and look brighter. I imagine shadow priests getting more and more "dispersed" looking, while holy priests shine like the light. Disc priests would have a more armored look about them, kinda like a glass bubble effect that grows thicker looking as they level.Arms warriors could have effects to their weapon so it looks bigger as they level. Prot warriors would look like their armor is thicker than usual, with more spikes on it. Fury warriors have blood dripping from them and it increases slightly as they level. man this game could be so awesome. This is the aprt that pisses off the hardcore pvpers. Take away the level over their head totally, and make this the only way to tell relative strength, I think it would make PvP a little more tense since you arent sure what level they are positively, and what effects thay can do to you yet.

Teats, Eredar

If I were warchief ... {WoW}

Jun 7th 2010 4:29PM Warchief huh. Well, since I am a selfish bastard, I would play along with the alliance and fight my way to the lich king. Once arthas is dead I would take over his crown, raise all the bodies and finish the alliance off and for all. Lead the new horde through the eastern kingdoms destroying everything in my path. Than I would continue on to outland and destroy the burning legion with my scores of undead warriors and whatever is left of the horde. Figure out how to enslave Sargeras and take all his power. Then all that would be left are those pesky Naaru. Oh yah, I would also take a huge green poop and force varion and jaina's undead corpses to carry it around with them all the time just to add insult to injury. Hay, an orc can dream can't he?

WoW Moviewatch: Cool Story Breh {WoW}

May 4th 2010 12:07PM Dr. Dre vs Eazy E, Tupac vs Biggie, Emenem vs Benzino. Now its this guy and whoever he is talking about. The rap game is pretty hardcore, I hope no one gets hurt this time.

Totem Talk: Elemental scaling and how Cataclysm can fix it, Page 2 {WoW}

Mar 20th 2010 8:33PM Well, I just recently got back in to WoW and have been leveling elemental to check out all the dungeons I missed the first time through. It has been a blast thanks to fire nova, and relatively easy really. I chose a shaman for the ease of entry level raiding (hopefully). Anyways, I never really liked the current inplementation of wrath totem, but I use it when I have a couple mages along in randoms since if I dont know what I am doing really, at least I can help the ones that do heh. I would rather have some sort of fire totem buff instead of a totally different totem. Maybe a talent that went along the lines of "Your fire totem now give a (whatever)% buff to crit. Each non periodic crit gives your fire totem one wrath charge. This charge increases the chance your next fire nova will crit by 30% and decreases the mana cost of your next fire nova by 33%. These wrath charges stack 3 times." or something similar. That way you still get the effect on clearing trash and you can pick and choose when to use the fire nova depending on how long the fight lasts. Anyways, I'm noob so the high level theory-crafting is beyond me at the moment so that is my two cents

The Art of War(craft): Getting your groove back with a little PvP {WoW}

Dec 21st 2009 7:29AM I have to admit the only reason I play wow is for the BGs. I am about as casual as it gets, my gear sucks and I have no urge to raid at all. I am just now getting my second guy to 80 and have been playing since right after BC dropped. Playing a rogue helps a ton since you can stealth around and CC people running to and from fights. Dismantling a hunter is the greatest thing in the world, second only to sapping a paladin 30 yards from the guy he was going to heal. But yeah, I am the guy the hardcore people love to hate. I just love a good fight. AB and WG have been alot of fun lately, but AV kinds sucks now since it seems to just be a race anymore. Strand is alright, but no one queues for it and I have only played one IoC and can't even remember how it goes. So yah, BGs are great for me. I log in, slay some people, get slayed and have fun for an hour or two then sign out. It is great.