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EverQuest video features new zone from Veil of Alaris expansion {Massively}

Sep 10th 2011 9:45PM I've been playing MMORPGs since Ultima Online in 1997. I played the original EQ. For all you newschool WoW kids barking about how "bland" this looks, you have no idea what the original EQ looked like. A first person low res game in a giant square framed UI.

That zone preview video looked better than EQ2, IMO... Also - graphics don't mean shit in the long run... what matters is content, mechanics, gameplay - and EQ is deeper and larger than anything else out there.

Kudos to the art, design, and dev teams for keeping EQ alive for the loyal players and for continuously creating imaginative worlds for us to explore!! This shit looks good.

GamersFirst welcomes World of Warcraft to 'the free-to-play revolution' {Massively}

Jun 29th 2011 1:34PM This isnt a dig. This is someone using Blizzard/WoW to catapult a PR announcement. (If they have blizzard and wow in their press release, it will get more hits.) It's a shitty manuevred PR move.

New Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter covers balance changes, guildleves {Massively}

Jun 27th 2011 3:41PM This game will never launch on PS3.

Pottermore officially announced, but what exactly is it? {Massively}

Jun 23rd 2011 5:51PM The big unveiling already happened, yet nowhere in this article is it mentioned. Strange. Pottermore is going to be the ONLY PLACE ANYWHERE where you'll be able to get digital versions of the books. Thats the big announcement. That Ebooks of the potter series will be exclusive at pottermore.

thats it. there is no game...

Final Fantasy XIV's latest producer's letter shows off auto-attacks {Massively}

Jun 15th 2011 2:22PM @Icemasta - You misread what I wrote. I didnt say they were absent from E3, I said this GAME WAS. Square Enix had a MASSIVE PRESENCE at E3 where they showed off FFXIII-2 as well as several Eidos titles and their new portable 4 player RPG. So,um, yeah - I should know because I work in downtown LA and have been to every E3 since 2006, including this one. SE had massive presence in 2011, but there was NO MENTION OF 14. That was my point. Also, since you got emotional about the Earthquake and assume Im heartless - you're wrong. My best friend and his family live there, along with my dear family friends who live in Tochigi-Ken. Im flying to Japan next month. Before you speak and get emotional, READ, AND THEN PROCESS.

Final Fantasy XIV's latest producer's letter shows off auto-attacks {Massively}

Jun 14th 2011 9:08PM LOL. There is a reason this was absent from their E3 presence. It's an embarrassment. Congrats on showing everyone a video of your in-development and unfinished "AUTO ATTACK". A simple, entry level, MMO 101 feature that every game should come with that should never even be a discussion or an issue. That's like beating your chest over adding WALKING to a game. *sigh

The Soapbox: The industry's obsession with shards {Massively}

Mar 29th 2011 7:20PM Why do people call them "Shards" still? The term shard is only relevant to ONE game, and that is "Ultima Online". In the lore of that game, in the instruction manual and install, it explained that the crystal of the world was smashed into several "SHARDS", each shard containing a copy of the same world that operated independently from the others. That is how Origin/EA explained the multiple servers through the plot.

So the term "Shard" being used by any other game is just stupid. They are called OTHER REALMS or SERVERS.

The MMO Report: The illegal mail bag edition {Massively}

Mar 25th 2011 3:44PM Someone get this dude a razor. So sick of this creepy bearded leprechaun.

Blood Sport: Beginner's guide to arena, part III {WoW}

Dec 21st 2009 2:27PM A B-pitch Control track on I didn't see this coming.... this was a crazy surprise.... -Gibby/Louderbach