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Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 4:39PM 'the detail you guys go into thinking of how these characters think and their desires is just not realistic when dealing with fiction.'

Not realistic when coming to fiction? What? -What-?

You've never, ever read or even glimpsed at the size of fan fiction communities, have you? Or seen a single Trekkie who will argue for hours about the meaning of a line said in an episode? Or heard of the people who taught themselves elfish from the Lord of the Rings books? Or Klingon? Or heard of any of the intense speculation before each and every Harry Potter book, and the ongoing speculation of what happens to those characters now?

This sort of speculation, -especially- for an ongoing story is -exactly- what you should do with fiction you're passionate about, not just sit back and be satisfied with the loose ends. You ponder them and think about them, you offer your own thoughts and suggestions, you're thrilled when you're right and you're thrilled when you're wrong because it meant good writing happened and brought something out of the blue to surprise you (incidentally, this is why I read mystery fiction, especially why I read Agatha Christie books.). It's when you hinge on your theory being 'right' and are horribly crushed when things are otherwise that it's wrong..and it's not even wrong, then, just a bit of a bad choice.

Don't speculate on an ongoing story...that's just silly.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage -- Convergence {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 4:31PM I love this whole page. Everything is fantastic, all the little interactions like the two

Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 3:19PM Pretty sure Ilmyrn was agreeing with you and adding another questioning point to pointing out that the ghost boy is probably an old god. A rhetorical question in agreement with you.

Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 3:16PM Don't worry, they wouldn't be stealing from Harry Potter. A better term would be phylacteries, which have been in 'lich' lore for ages, it just happens that people only know about the HP aspect and forget that she didn't invent the idea of a lich (which is what Voldemort really was) or wizards and so on.

Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 3:04PM Or perhaps, while seeing through his 'hive' and all the cameras everywhere, Bolivar sees that the Argent Crusade didn't stop after they placed him on the throne. Perhaps he sees that Trion's strength and the strength of his followers can take care of some of the 'lesser evils', and lets them free so that they can be disposed of. Grandling in Scholomance never really was controlled by the Lich King, he just followed him, and now has his own agenda in mind again, least as far as I can tell. The big Nerubian being let loose in Eastern Plaguelands? Conveniently close to one of those Argent watchtowers, wasnt he?

He would see the press into the Plaugelands, back into Stratholme, and why on earth would he, as the jailor, want to save the prison population? It would make it easier on him to loosen the controls and let them flail about uselessly while being cleaned out by the Crusade. It's a gamble, but he may not be losing the reigns as freely as supposed, maybe just enough to let them screw themselves over, letting the good people who fought for the same thing he died for continue their work. Though the assult on the Wrathgate was a failure, Bolivar fought alongside the Horde there, much like Tiron and his Crusade fights alongside members of the Horde now. Bolivar wasn't officially part of the Argent Crusade, but he was close enough, being a paladin himself.

Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 2:56PM I dont think Blizz is afraid to 'pull it out of their asses', as we remember the uproar from the Draenei 'rewrite'. Now, I havent seen anything this devious and clever from the storyline yet, anything that seems sneaky and confusing ends up with 'the old gods did it' attached to it. The closest you got, at first, was the negative bronze flight, and for myself I figured out by BC the 'big reveal' of Noz being Murz as soon as we knew that Noz knew how he was going to die because the Titans showed him.

But the story has matured through the years, and there have been some minor twists like everything about Varian after his return, and the hints dropped by Velen. There are a potential for a lot of pieces to be in play, and if this were addressed correctly, with maybe the return of Arthas' long lost sister and her being able to just 'know' Arthas' soul bits because of their brother/sister connection, or someone working for the Argent Crusade who has an interesting perspective on the whole thing like the few Forsaken who work there, or oddly enough, maybe even through the corruption of Garrosh, they could start planting the seeds for it.

And I'd like it. At first I was worried this article was going to defend Arthas, take the evil out of him and make him good again because we can't seem to ever really get truly evil humans, only ones who go insane, and his path to his downfall is so friggin compelling I -want- him to stay damned, I want him to stay evil.

And hey. Metzen did ask us who we wanted to see come back. Of course everyone yelled for Illidan...that could always be a bridge into this sort of story too, and he may have been wondering if anyone had any compassion for Arthas, and finding none, may bring him back as the big bad evil again. It would be a great way to 'travel Azeroth', in a future expansion...raids to seek out and destroy the bits of him that were threatening to come back together, maybe even orchestrated by Bolivar or Illidan, two people who have intimate knowledge of how the magic of the Burning Legion works,one because he's got the crown on his head, and the other because of his entire existence, and even if the Legion has no control over it anymore, they made it in the first place.

Questions, indeed.

Know Your Lore: Never to rise again {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 2:45PM Yeah, same thought here.

Why is Blizzard still OK with gender inequality in World of Warcraft? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 5:50PM Ditto. Im a female gamer, and I don't -always- like the skimpy clothing, but with transmog my flirtatious huntress can be in a bikini while my gruff and grumpy warrior can be completely covered. The fact that they have both types of clothing, giving female players honestly more choice than men, makes me think that it's almost less equal for the men!

I think it would be an issue if every single piece of gear were designed to be a bikini, and not just a few pieces. You don't really see that differential in the tier pieces, which people have lauded as the best and most attractive gear in the game, the changes between the bikini/not-bikini are in green, blue, and more random pieces. This meant that in the past before mogging, people wouldn't be forced into skimply clothing while wearing the best gear they can get a hold of.

I...honestly don't see much of a problem with the few pieces.

Now when it comes to the NPC interactions...if they're going with creepy old man, make him creepy toward both males and females, or tone it down with the lecherousness toward a woman.

I appreciate all the 'rage' about it, especially coming from the guys. But it might be a little more kneejerk than needed.

Of monks, mains, and the ability to change {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 4:36PM I have a difficult time leaving anything behind. Not being really able to justify spending money on faction transfers (for some, 25bucks is a lot), Ive had to give up a character on one side or another as people I play with moved around with a lot more ease than me, making me start a few 'mains'. I have whats probably better described as favorites, because with me being an alter, I have a lot of characters I do put care into, but while two could be considered 'main', the others do get a bit of...more specific focus, as I try to only go for grinds that would benefit them.

Cata was kind of hard on me, the class changes allowed me to finally try a few that previous mechanics had soured me on, and I added a whole new slew of folks to my stable of alts, but I still have those two old characters as my tops. Im still undecided if I want to try a panda, to be honest, but we'll see.

Drama Mamas: Should a WoW widow become a WoW player? {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 2:08PM Yeah, I kinda cringed at that. If he's able to play all day while she's working, he should be able to put it aside for a while in the evening to pay attention to his wife. It doesn't matter why he's not working, what matters is that he spends time with his wife, and with being home all the time not working, that's a significant amount of 'me' time he already gets, he should be able to put some evenings aside to spend with the writer.